Pastor said o.k. to give Communion no matter what religion


I mentioned to our Pastor that he needed to give direction to the laity especially when we have first communions. One sunday I sat behind the first communion party and heard the two woman speaking about whether they would go up “and get some”. One of them stood up and went forward to recieve.

Father told me that when there is a party like that that they can all recieve communion no matter what religion they are. I know in my heart of hearts that this isn’t true but I suppose from everything I’ve heard so far…could there be such an indult or adaptation?


Father is wrong. The Catholic Church does not have “open communion”, and there is no exception to this rule. Please see the following articles:

Who Can Receive Communion?

How To Address A Liturgical Abuse

If after speaking with your priest the problem continues, I recommend you contact the St. Joseph Foundation at Pray for your priest.

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