Pastor shoots church burglar, tells him to seek forgiveness through sinner's prayer

A pastor in Baytown, Texas shot a man who tried to rob his church and then told him to ask the Lord for forgiveness while he lay on the floor bleeding.

I don’t even know what to say, but I will pray for the Church and an end to robberies and the perpetrator.


Hmmm…interesting method of “soul winning”.
Shoot him, and then lead him through a “sinners prayer” in case the paramedics don’t arrive in time.

I can understand what you are saying, but in all honesty, all of use never know how we would react to the same situation. He said the man rushed towards him- of course that is hearsay at this point, but its a sad situation no matter how its put. The pastor praying with the robber as he is injured is a lot better than probably most actions that most people might do in that same situation.

Perhaps it would have been more tactful to visit him later in the hospital or at the jail.

I’m sorry, but the name of the church, leading a bleeding man in the “sinner’s prayer”.
This opens a door of VERY dark humor.
But I’ll refrain from that. :smiley:

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