Pastor Steven Anderson?


Third century, yeah…if you’re talking about Origen, who was condemned as a heretic several times after his death. Augustine believed it was a single day, but represented in a sevenfold aspect, all at once and not progressive. Regardless, if there were some Church Fathers who interpreted Genesis 1 allegorically, they were rebutted by the Magisterium. Besides, if there was no theory of evolution, I doubt you’d attempt to justify an allegorical interpretation of Genesis at all, so please don’t insult my intelligence by referring to the Church Fathers as your justification for allegorical interpretation.

From the Fourth Council of the Lateran:

  1. Confession of Faith

…one principle of all things, creator of all things invisible and visible, spiritual and corporeal; who by his almighty power at the beginning of time created from nothing both spiritual and corporeal creatures, that is to say angelic and earthly, and then created human beings composed as it were of both spirit and body in common. The devil and other demons were created by God naturally good, but they became evil by their own doing. Man, however, sinned at the prompting of the devil.

Here is what Thomas Aquinas actually said on the matter (read articles 2 & 3):


HMMMM Are you aware how the Anabaptist movements grew and their theology, many baptsts claim their heritage from the anabaptist movement? Are you aware the the unitarian movement grew out of this movement? It is important that as a philosopher you pay attention carefully to how a statement has been worded. Are you aware that Steven Anderson has fired at least two of his padawans over the Trinity… they did not accept the trinity while he did? Are you aware that his church split within the last two years where a group chose to leave and were labeled by Anderson modalists? Are you aware that some in the KJV only movement Reject the trinity because that word is not in the KJV and instead substitute a godhead instead on the grounds that it is not biblical? Are you aware that many non-conformists who arrived in New England were persecuted by non-conformists because some non-conformists rejected the Trinity? The average person in the pew in the baptist church may not even know what to believe about the trinity. From the very origins of the Baptist movement (that is what it is in reality - not a denomination) there were many group who were involved with it. Some came from non-congregationalists backgrounds, some from reformed some from calvinistic , some were non-conformists so there are varied doctrinal backgrounds. I have been following Anderson’s rants and speaking to many “baptists”.


Yes, I am aware that Anderson had a small Modalist problem, but that was clearly an isolated incident.

Also, yes I am aware that some IFB don’t like the word “Trinity” preferring the term “Godhead” over it, but it’s the same exact thing. Why does it matter what words they use? They still mean the same thing as us and all other Christians. And in fact, many IFB do use the word “Trinity”, Anderson is one of them. I had an Independent Baptist friend and he too used the word “Trinity.” There is no problem here.

Here’s some points made in the statement of faith of an Independent Baptist college in New England:

“We believe that there is only one true living God, existing in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.”

We believe in the deity, virgin birth, and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Baptists are Trinitarians, stop making false statements.


And so are Pentecostals and Anabaptists!


Well, yes, there are many Trinitarian Pentecostals and Anabaptist. The largest Pentecostal denomination, the Assemblies of God, is Trinitarian. But, there are some Pentecostal groups which are Modalist like the United Pentecostal Church International. Also, yes, most Anabaptist groups are Trinitarian, including the Amish and most Mennonites, but there are some Mennonite denominations that hold to Socinianism. Back in the 16th century, the Italian Anabaptist were notable for their rejection of the Trinity and their teaching of Unitarianism.


Which pentecostals? you mean like the oneness pentecostals?
Which anabaptists? ?? ??? Dutch, Swiss, or German… you know the unitarians were anabaptists right before they became anabaptists?


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