Pastor Tony Alamo

I am so glad my Catholicism is strong with me, i would never want to have “pastor alamo” as my spiritual guide, i was watching AMW today and they did a story on this guy and let me tell you he is a piece of work, just listen to this fox news interview.
this is what happens when men make churches in their own image, thank God this guy was caught.

if Christianity was the force then Fr. Corapi would be my Jedi master :smiley:

His followers are still posting anti-catholic fliers on cars in Arkansas. I had two placed on my car during the last year… once at the mall and once near the race track. They hardly ever get caught, because they sweep through a parking lot and place the fliers on as many cars as possible… get into their cars and move on.

I’m sure the people of Fouke, Arkansas are relieved to see this man gone.

i know what you mean, i went to comicon in SanDiego this year and they had the westboro baptist church protesting those crazy men in tights in the funny pages… lol, it was laughable
what concerns me is that these people that follow these dark-hearted souls seem to either not care for the safety of their loved ones or are looking to move up the ranks in these so called churches. i also saw videos on youtube of this guy’s followers praising him like hes innocent after all he did, It reminded me of the trial for that crypts gangster over in California; how people defend these guys even tho they know what they did and try to get’em out by bringing up some kind racism deal or something, we as true Christians need to help spread the truth in any way possible, there is a lot of souls out there being led astray. :rolleyes:

Wow, I cant believe it, Im flipping trough the channels and on the BIO channel they are showing a show called “I survived” and what do you know, they are showing the story of one of the survivors of this guy’s protestant cult church, wow

JUST got my Tony Alamo Christian Ministries “World Newsletter” on my car this Friday. Here’s the lead headline:

“Evil International Roman Catholic Government Agents are Claiming to be United States of America Government Agents”

It’s full of great tidbits! (I’m being facetious) Among other things, you’ll learn:

  • how Vatican puppet FDR knew about Pearl Harbor and let it happen so that the Vatican could get them involved in the war
  • how FDR personally gave 2.2 pounds of uranium to Stalin to build their own atomic bomb
  • how FDR was controlled by “Cardinal Spellman, a homosexual who was the Pope’s man in the White House”
  • how the Vatican, Roosevelt, and Stalin set up a Jew-hating alliance
  • how Hitler’s entire top echelon was Catholic
  • how President Bush advocated a “Catholic-Nazi terror alliance” led by the Jesuits
  • how a cultural center in Washington D.C. became a secret outpost for the evil work of John Paul II
  • how the Jesuits and Knights of Malta single-handedly control the BATF, FBI, DEA, Federal Bureau Task Force, CIA, and CFR.
  • how the government was directly involved in bombing the Oklahoma City Federal Building
  • how David Koresh was framed by the Vatican and the ATF at Waco so that they could be assassinated, because they knew that the KKK was planning September 11 to incite a Christian / Muslim holy war

It’s about at this point that the interview gets so convoluted that it becomes virtually impossible to follow… In any case, Tony Alamo is also serving a 175 year prison sentence for sex crimes against minors. I’m sure that helps his credibility.

These guys are just nuts.
Unfortunately, there are dolts out there who believe every word that drips from their evil mouths because they are too lazy to attempt to find Truth".
And it’s said that we Catholics allow ourselves to be dictated to. HA!

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