Pastor who called Islam 'Satanic' goes on trial for his words

In a hard-hitting interview from his Greenisland home, Pastor James McConnell said he had no regrets about his controversial comments and, even if jailed, would repeat them on release.

He said “freedom of speech and freedom of conscience” were at stake in the landmark trial. Hundreds of Pastor McConnell’s supporters are expected to protest outside Belfast Magistrates Court as the case opens today.

The 21st Century tyrannically correct movement. May we survive its evil.

Free speech or troublemaker? As a christian, I think he should be preaching love and forgiveness. Christ commands us to love our enemies.

A pity they weren’t so quick at bringing similar Northern Irish ‘pastors’, to court, for saying a lot, lot worse about the Catholic Church and the Pope, for decades - and all televised, printed in the press on a regular basis. E.G…

*‘They breed like rabbits and multiply like vermin’ the late DUP leader said of Catholics.

“The scarlet woman of Rome” — his description of Pope John Paul 1.

“I denounce you, Anti-Christ! I refuse you as Christ’s enemy and Antichrist with all your false doctrine” — addressing Pope John Paul II on his visit to the European Parliament in October 1988.*

Whilst he should not be brought to trial for ‘free-speech’, his comments were completely uncalled for and extremely uncharitable at best.

I agree that we are getting too politically correct, I don’t prescribe to the Glenn Beck point of view but that doesn’t mean everything he says is wrong. He was saying how we in the West are often told how bad we are, how bad our history is when really, it’s not perfect but has good things.

Look at all the inventions, the telephone, vaccines, the car, the airplane, who invented these and many other inventions and where would man be without them?

Yet, we are told to be ashamed of our own culture.

The PC police indeed are frightening in the damage they can reek.

Either way, is it a crime to say it?

Whether or not he’s a troublemaker is only a matter of a person’s individual opinion, just like what he stated is only his individual opinion. :shrug:

And let’s define what a “troublemaker” is. This is a very slippery slope.

The image of a “troublemaker” that I had in mind was someone who produces unnecessary, but intentional, division amongst people. What this preacher said sounds hateful, similar perhaps to what Hitler said about Jews.

If religious hate crimes in the US are 60% or more against Jews, should not our leaders be focusing on those? Why are we hearing this mainly in regards to when people say something about Muslims?

So in San Bernadino, it has come out, one person suspected the terrorists of being that but was afraid to report it to the police because they might look racist.

This is what pointing the finger at others and making such accusations can do, in a way it is a form of censorship.

I believe in our right to free speech and it is much better than actually committing violence; I am wary of those making such comparisons and if something like San Bernadino happens and the suspects could have been reported, then, perhaps our PC culture has something to do with it.

I’m against dehumanization be it against the Jews or Muslims.


If one thinks upon it, anything that causes dehumanization should be criminal.

So, would one agree that there are indeed some Protestant-types that say some very bad things about Catholics. So one would be saying that if they say these same things about Catholicism which by the way, they do, they should face criminal penalties.

Interesting concept.

The Pastor in this case is not from the US and has zilch to to with the US, personally I don’t love his remarks but support his right to make them. He is also on record as making some pretty astoundingly nasty remarks about Catholics by the way. It’s noteworthy therefore that both a priest and imam have spoken out in his defence and stood up for his right to speak.

The late Ian Paisley senior? I despised remarks like these he made and other about chapels been full of guns and bombs but I would support his right to make them.

Even I know how anti-Catholic Mr. Paisley is and I am from the US. However, what would be even scarier is the government deciding which speech is hateful and which speech is permitted.

Concur! :thumbsup:

No one said the Pastor was in the USA; my point is, we hear this in regards to one religion, believe me, it is old hat that religions say the worse of each other; isn’t it even in some Lutheran Churches documents that say the Pope is the anti-Christ and isn’t it said in some Catholic Church documents that other faiths are going to hell? If this is all so, are not all of these dehumanizing? So, criminal charges should be brought up? Interesting.

I can think of someone who’s quite high up in the US Government who fits that description and the same goes for his incompetent SOS

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