Pastor who prayed for Tiller's death now prays for death of the president


Pastor Wiley Drake prayed that abortionist George Tiller’s wife would become a widow. Tiller is now dead. Drake claims that his death is an answer to imprecatory prayer. Now he is praying an imprecatory prayer for the death of our president.
Imprecatory Psalms are psalms that contain curses or prayers for the judgment of a nation’s enemies, invoking evil upon them. Psalms 7, 35, 55, 58, 59, 69, 79, 109, 137 and 139 are ones that Drake finds his prayer material in.

Drake repeats words from the book of Psalms in his imprecatory prayers such as Psalm 109:9 where it is written “May his children be fatherless and his wife a widow.” This is what he prayed for the late-term abortionist before he was murdered. He says that it is our Christian duty to pray along these vengeful and vindictive lines for religious, political, and personal reasons when other means for change have been exhausted.
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Words… Fail me…

It feels like the burning times all over again… :eek:


I wonder if his church preaches against Artificial Birth Control? Naah. I doubt it. He’s part of the culture of death for he is praying for death.

A true Christian prays for the life of others.

Maybe he should put his prayer effort into asking God to change Obama’s heart. That would be the best thing for this country.

Obama’s death won’t make things better. It most likely will make things worse. Look who will be in charge. That’s scary.

Biden would be better?

We need regime change, but not that way. The Socialists, Relativists. and Liberals need to be eliminated from the government by either voting them out of office or convicting them for their crimes (accessory to murder for legislation allowing abortions is one of many crimes). They must be crushed.


I wonder how he’ll feel once the Secret Service is involved.

A Christian should not pray for the death of anyone. We should all pray for Obama, Biden, and all pro-abortion people to change their minds or we should vote them out of office. We should also pray that they do not do a lot of damage between now and then.


(That is a scary thought).

I don’t believe that this kind of ‘assassination by spiritual petition’ is all that effective, but I would pray that President Obama would not get assassinated.

There is no way that what are shaping up to be as the disastrous policies of a weak presidency should ought to be legitimized through making him some kind of a martyr.

Democracy is a powerful tool. This is how modern people get rid of bad leaders.

And after Biden, NANCY PELOSI!!!:eek:

He’d have a stack of people to go through first. Nope, I believe for now Our President is our best bet.

All frivolity aside, this guy is using “Christianity” as a cover for his occult type spirituality. No way is this guy pro life. And no way is his “Christianity” Christian!

or bring in bad leaders…

Would it not be much more productive to pray for Obama’s conversion, rather then his death? It is simply a sign of a person who is attached to the culture of death to be praying for another person’s death…quite sick really and it should be rejected by all faithful Christians, imo. Obama is our President, whether we like his policies, or not. We must respect that fact because we are a nation of laws.

I believe every post above mine is correct in some way or another. I think this is a symptom of the society in which we live. Our tendency is to be punitive when someone does or supports something that is wrong.

We want them dead, excommunicated, lynched, imprisoned, fired, expelled, beaten with a wet noodle, you name it, we conceive it.

We have yet to convert to a society that values fraternal correction, internal discipline, on-going conversion, the power of persuasive discourse, the power of prayer, the power of example and so forth.

I believe that much of this is due to the change in focus after WW II. When we became a more technical society and we began to focus more on technology and economics and less on the humanities, the arts, the social sciences, we lost something.

Man is becoming like his machines. If it is not right, it must be destroyed. This is what machines on a conveyer belt do. They pull out the damaged product and destroy it.

We are beginning to think about people with damaged points of view or damged moral views as damaged products. We forget that they are still sons and daughters of the same Father as we are. It is their position and their action that is wrong, not the person. The person is good and we should never pray for their early demise.


JR, OSF :slight_smile:

It is indeed an offensive thought that Christians act like this - they give us all a bad name :mad:

However, unless the USA turned into North Korea all of a sudden, PRAYING for anything is not a crime. Offensive as praying for the death of someone else is, it is a grim situation indeed if doing so is punishable…

And does so more often than not…

“A multitude of rulers is not a good thing. Let there be one ruler, one king”

  • Homér.

So would it be okay for a soldier to physically kill the enemy but wrong for him to pray for his death?

Moral law is very clear. A person in the armed forces may use whatever force is necessary to protect his life and that of innocent people. The degree of force must be proportionate to the threat.

You cannot wish death on someone or wish to kill someone. There is a difference if my mother is terminally ill and lingering. I can certainly pray that God will have mercy on her and release her from suffering. If I want God to take someone out, because of my hatred or anger, there is no mercy in that, much less charity.

Hope that clears up the issue.


JR :slight_smile:

Does that include Republicans who voted for abortion?

not true… a true Christian prays for the conversion of others…

and also for justice…

God himself kills people… In fact, you could say God is the one who takes everyone’s life (all those who die a “natural death” or of old age)…

God told his people to kill a whole nation - women, children included… because of idolatry…

God once legislated for capital punishment of homosexuals…

We should not kill homosexuals… but we should not cease to find and stop serial killers… Bundy, Dahmer… and Tiller…

oh, so pro-lifers are full of hate because they want to stop abortion?


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