Pastoral Ordination by Lottery?

I once overheard a group of men in a restaurant loudly comparing their protestant churches’ methods of obtaining a new Minister. I would have had to stick my fingers in my ears and hum to avoid overhearing. I about dropped my jaw into my soup.

I heard a process described where a number of candidates were selected and called in together to “audition” (that was the word he used) by preaching for the presbyters.

After they all had “tried out,” they were dismissed from the room. The presbyters placed a marked hymnal into a box of them. They called the candidates back in, and asked them to lead some hymns.

The one who picked the marked book was then announced as the one chosen to be the new Pastor.

Why all the pretense? Why not just use dice and phone the winner?

As shocking as this sounds, they probably thought they were following Acts 1: 23-26. So in their minds, this was “drawing lots”. That’s my “bet”. I’m sure they prayed first. I’m not saying that this is right, but when you are only going by the Bible because that is what you believe, then this could easily make sense! :eek: - Mfaustina1

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