Pastors accused of talking church at public school


The Bainbridge Island School District has launched an investigation into whether or not three local youth pastors who volunteered as cafeteria supervisors at Woodward Middle School proselytized or tried to recruit students at school.

The men have been asked not to volunteer at the school while the district investigates.


Why should they have had to talk about it? Their simple presence is evangelism enough.


Christian discrimination. So, instead of actually seeing if there is anything true, the are turned away. :confused:


Read the article.


Yep…I guess I’ll be next. I talk Jesus at schools all the time, both private and public. Me and a local parish priest will be leading the prayer before the football game at a local public high school tomorrow.:thumbsup:


You do realize you’re going to offend many people? i think you’re being a little insensitive here! No, seriously, :thumbsup:

I hate it how children are apparently never too young to hear about homosexuality, alternative lifestyles, condoms, you name it, but God, Jesus, religion are personas non gratas pretty much everywhere.


Jesus said, “remeber they hated Me first.” I’m ok with being hated for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in season and out of season.:D:thumbsup:




Bainbridge Island is in the greater Seattle area. It’s a very liberal and unchurched area as a whole. I’m sure many have the attitude intolerance toward Christianity, and desire to firmly separate it from any public arena, the meanwhile using that same public forum to promote ideologies they support.

To be fair, the article states that they hired an independent investigator to supposedly investigate. But, how sad is that in itself? A school needs to go to that extent because MAYBE someone dared to discuss the Gospel?

To be the devil’s advocate, though, how would people here feel if a charismatic Muslim used volunteering at the schools to proselytise?


I do not think that is even a glimmer of what is happening. I would have no exception to a corresponding Muslim or a non-Catholic youth pastor, a Jewish religious person or a Buddhist monk working as a volunteer, even if they referred to who they were and what they did. Simple conversation is not proselytizing. This is a multi-cultural society.

Heck, I wouldn’t even object to a Democrat or Yankee!:smiley:


Can you imagine the outcry if someone quoted the Catechism in a public school? For instance:

  1. The fruitfulness of conjugal love extends to the fruits of the moral, spiritual, and supernatural life that parents hand on to their children by education. Parents are the principal and first educators of their children. In this sense the fundamental task of marriage and family is to be at the service of life.


Their would be an outcry but I think ppl would be like, Wait a second, Catholics teaching us about the Bible. Trust me you would get a crowd.

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