Pastors accused of talking church at public school

The Bainbridge Island School District has launched an investigation into whether or not three local youth pastors who volunteered as cafeteria supervisors at Woodward Middle School proselytized or tried to recruit students at school.

The men have been asked not to volunteer at the school while the district investigates.

If this is a case of a couple of idiots trying to street preach or pass out tracts in a public school, then they need to be disciplined. I get what they’re trying to do but they’re “making the union look bad,” if you follow my meaning, and they need to stop it.

If this is a case of them talking one on one with kids about specific issues that the kids themselves were talking about or about kids just be “weirded out” by the presence of volunteers who happen to be Christian or clergy, then the school district needs to lighten up.


I read the article on another earlier thread, and unless Pastor Smith is grossly lying, it’s the above. The school said they have no reports of proselytizing by the volunteers.

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