Pastors of LA??

I heard about this reality show on “the Soup” and thought it was one of their spoofs. Much to my amazement, when I googled it I discovered it was a real show. I have not watched it because thankfully we subscribe to basic cable and don’t get oxygen. Is this tv hype, or is it what evengalical Christianity has come to?

Seeing this, after reading about the Swedish Lutheran church’s new leader Antje Jackelén, makes me glad the Holy Spirit has given Catholics Pope Francis.

And all those tele-evangelists are charlatans, snake oil salesmen!

Its a reality TV show that takes place in upper-class LA. I wouldn’t put too much stock into it being an accurate reflection of evengalical Christianity.

Sadly, it exists. Hasn’t Evangelical Christianity gone mainstream since Rev. Schuller hosted his ‘Hour of Power,’ from the former Crystal Cathedral, now Christ Cathedral?

I don’t think Joel Olsteen is doing bad financially. :rolleyes:

Technically the show is called “Preachers” of LA. Maybe they think Pastor is “too Catholic”?

I’d probably say that it’s the opposite. People might confuse it with being Catholic, given the progressive reputation of LA. :rolleyes:

Sounds like “Real Housewives Of (insert place)” except with Evangelical Preachers.

Oh dear Lord.

LOL. :rolleyes::slight_smile:

Sounds like “Real Housewives Of (insert place)” except with Evangelical Preachers.

Oh dear Lord.

LOL. :rolleyes::slight_smile:

Part of my dyslexia:shrug: I once listed a Santa pattern on eBay, as a satan pattern.:blush:

One of the main cast Detrick Haddon is or was not a serving senior pastor while the show was being produced but rather a gospel singer and referred to as “minister”, as opposed to the Pastors and Bishops, who is trying to relaunch his career after a sexual affair. Technically he was a Pastor of Detroit

I had no idea that Pentecostals being organized on a congregational level had people called “bishops”.

What does a Pentecostal bishop do? Is he in charge of, or over other Pentecostal congregations?

One is a Bishop in the Church of God In Christ the other is a Bishop in the Full Gospel Baptist. I would have to wiki either one but in the Foursquare Church we are not totally congregational. The supervisor does the actual hiring of pastors, pending the acceptance of the local church council

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