Pat Madrid quote from debate w/ James White!


Some have asked me where they can find the quote, from Pat Madrid, when he said, at the end of his debate with James White (sola scriptura), “Many(Protestants) of you run the risk of GOING TO HELL FOR NOT ENTERING THE CATHOLIC FAITH.” YOU CAN DO A GOOGLE SEARCH ON Pat Madrid, James white, sola scriptura, debate,–you can print the transcript out–Madrid’s comments comes during his closing comments—you can scroll down to the end and read them—These comments are significant because I believe thay show the proper attiude toward our seperated brethern (Protestants). Many of you on this forum are so good on all the issues, and I commend you on that-however some of you “wimp out” on the salvation issue–YOU FAIL TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT PROTESTANISM IS NOT GOING TO SAVE ANYONE—PROTESTANTS ARE IN GRAVE DANGER AND IF WE LOVE THEM WE WILL CALL THME HOME–AND SOMETIMES THAT MEANS TELLING THEM THAT THEIR SALVATION COULD BE AT RISK–AS MR. MADRID DID (V.P. OF CATHOLIC ANSWERS AT THE TIME OF THE DEBATE)_


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