Pat Robertson and the name 'Jehovah'

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Ok Chris, I saw the video but didn’t know where to go on the second link. Didn’t care to register either. So, is there a point to be made about the name Jehovah?

Someone had written to them, asking why Christians are intolerant to other faiths that ‘also have a relationship’ with God. Pat Robertson said that Jehovah, the God of the Bible, is the one true God and that all those other religions worship demonic powers.

well if Pat Robertson said, it must be true.

Jehovah is a mistranslation. It’s Yahweh.

Modern attempts to determine a prounciation of "YHWH has lead to approaches that have been studies of theophoric names, and study of early Christian Greek texts that contain reports about the pronunciation. Evidence has also tried to use from semitic philology and archeology.

The result is a “scholarly convention to pronounce YHWH as Yahweh”.

[edit] Gesenius proposed the punctuation “יַהְוֶה‎” (i.e. Yahweh)
William Gesenius’s Hebrew punctuation (i.e. Yahweh).Wilhelm Gesenius [1786-1842] is noted for being one of the greatest Hebrew and biblical scholars.[15] His proposal to read YHWH as “יַהְוֶה‎” (see image to the right) was based in large part on various Greek transcriptions, such as ιαβε, dating from the first centuries AD, but also on the forms of theophoric names.

Delitzsch prefers “יַהֲוָה‎” (yahavah) since he considered the shwa quiescens below ה‎ ungrammatical.

In his 1863 “A Dictionary of the Bible”, William Smith prefers the form “יַהֲוֶה‎” (yahaveh). Many other variations have been proposed.

However, Gesenius’ proposal gradually became accepted as the best scholarly reconstructed vocalized Hebrew spelling of the Tetragrammaton.

Did I say that? No! I’m just stating what the video clip shows. Period.

Most of the time he doesn’t know he has a mouth full of foot, I guess he just got used to talking with it in there. :wink:

Jehovah is all the vowel sounds taken out of Yahweh. It was a theory thought up in the 12-13 century.

Don’t tell me I am the only one that read this and laughed! Come on folks, this is funny! Valke, aren’t you Jewish? Maybe a Jewish person could shed some light on the Hebrew Name? Maybe? Ha’Shem :wink:

I don’t think Jews use the Divine Name. Rabbis traditionally say ‘Adonai’ (LORD) where the Hebrew ‘YHWH’ appears.

The tet. (“YH…”) is not used by Jews in normal conversation. We don’t know how to pronounce it and if we did, we wouldn’t. Christian attempts to make it into a pronounceable word by inserting vowels are not something that Jews do. As for the difference in using “J” or “Y”, I have no idea. Other than there is no “J” sound in Hebrew so perhaps the “Y” spelling is deemed as more authentic.

Hashem is a common name we use when talking about God. As I’m sure many of you know, it simply means “the Name”. We have other names we use, and in fact “Shalom” is one of the lesser used, but nevertheless a name, for God.

In short, we believe in an incorporeal God who is so abstract that He doesn’t even have a name, that we know of. During Temple times, on Yom Kipur, the High Priest would go into the holy of holies, where no one else was allowed, and there he would utter the true name of God. Anyone that heard it would forget it.

He would go in with a rope around his waist, in case he died or passed out, so that he could be dragged back out.

I laughed, too. I love dry humor, though it can get lost on the internet.

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So Benjamin, have you had the corn beef at that new deli over on 4th?

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But we don’t believe in hell …

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