Pat Robertson calls gay rights activists 'terrorists'


The Televangelist Pat Robinsons leans hard on the gay movement in the US. All in all I find that there is a lot of truth to what he says.


Birds of a feather.


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That’s Joe being Joe and that’s Pat being Pat.


All the gay people should send him money so that they can be healed and become rich and happy. That’s how prosperity gospel works right?


This thread is hard to follow.

I think the discussion is about Pat Robertson, not Pat Robinson, right?

Also, I’d look at the link before making any rash comments.


I agree with some of it. I don’t believe they should have a marriage. A marriage is between a man and a woman.

However, reading all of what Pat Robertson has said on many other matters is quite disturbing. Advocating a man leaving his wife because she has Alzheimer’s? You can get AIDS from a towel??? WOW!!!


I personally do not put much credence in what Pat Robertson says; in view of his statement on catching AIDS from a towel is stretching it a bit far IMO.


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No problem; happens to the best of us. :slight_smile:


This is like calling a soviet bureaucrat a murderer. It’s a little truth tucked in an exaggeration. LGBT activists impose their beliefs and create barriers for those who disagree, but they haven’t blown up churches. They push lawsuits and draft legislation that redefines marriage and forces Christian citizens to accept this new definition, but none are killed in their fight to appeal them. They are an instrument of a secular agenda that also promotes abortion and euthanasia, but they haven’t enforced these beliefs through the barrel of a gun.
He is way off and while I disagree entirely with LGBT activists, I would never stand on the side of this hateful man.


You don’t need bombs or guns to be a terrorist. Those who stalk, harrass and vandalize are just as much terrorists as those who bomb places. Their tactics are different, but the point is the same. They want to make people fear them.

There are known gay activist groups that go around vandalizing churches and harrassing people who don’t support gay marriage. They are a very small (and annoying) portion of the gay activist crowd, but they exist.


I’ve seen a video of them. I agree, they are a menace and disrespectful. They also violate freedom of religion. I just suspect he is using the term “terrorist” in its most extreme form. Even if he isn’t, it’s an inappropriate approach, given the weight this term holds in today’s society. I agree that LGBT activists engage in what can sometimes be legally construed as minor terrorism, as it is a form of “intimidation” to fight for a political agenda. But I’d say they are closer to extortionists than terrorists, that is to say, they use similar methods but not to the extreme that most terrorists take them. I am not defending LGBT activists, I just don’t agree with muddling the fight against their agenda with exaggerated terms. I also wouldn’t say its implausible for them to engage in extreme terrorist acts. Most LGBT activists share the same political views as the Marxist activists of the sixties and seventies, and history has shown what extremes these ideologues will reach when their beliefs are no longer fashionable.
I am also pleased with the distinction between LGBT activists and the gay community as a whole. Our gay brothers and sisters who live in communion with the Church would hold our hands in the chain I saw congregants form around a Church those activists threatened.


Well, the activists are without a doubt extremists and radicals. The same terms the politically correct often use to describe ISIS militants. So I guess they fall in the same category then. :shrug:


I too hold out my hand to those gay men and women who live in communion with the Church.:):slight_smile:


Yes, Pat Robertson does have some wild ideas:bigyikes:




Take what Cardinal George said not too long ago:

Cardinal George compares forcing of sexual agenda to Sharia law

Cardinal George has criticized the imposition of a “public creed” to force acceptance of sexual depravity across the nation, enforced with the power of law. Cardinal George compared the forcing to Sharia law in some countries.

Rev. Robertson may have a point but I think such thoughts as Pat Robertson said could be better nuanced, put in a better way.


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