Pat Robertson claims stock market crash is God's retribution for US Government supporting Planned Parenthood and abortion rights

A controversial televangelist has suggested the US stock market dive on Monday is related to the Government’s decision to support and fund women’s abortions.
The effects of ‘Black Monday’ in China reverberated across the world, with the Dow Jones falling 1000 points in early trade.
As traders panicked and analysts struggled to comprehend what was happening, Pat Robertson stepped up to his televised pulpit to tell viewers that the Government’s decision to fund Planned Parenthood was related to the stock market crash.

Many people have been predicting some sort of major economic downturn in the late summer or early fall all year long. September 13th is a date many have speculation around. Also November 20, 2016 (end of year of Mercy) as well as May and October 13th of 2017 (100 year anniversary of first and last Fatima apparitions).

If I am not mistaken more than one saint has foretold the demise of America due to immorality.We cannot get much worse than rampant pornography and drug addiction,legalized sodomy and pederasty,and the dismembering and killing of unborn babies. It is all business as usual sad to say.

Since Pat Robertson is probably closer to a full understanding of the mind of G-d than the rest of us, I would pay heed to what he says.

He is lovable nonetheless.

And I still don’t listen to him.

In this particular instance, I think Pat Robertson might be correct.

I am not trying to be whiny, but stuff like this really scares me. I am not afraid of Jesus coming again, but I am afraid of everything that is supposed ti happen before. I am scared for my family and I’m afraid the baby I will have in November will be in danger, or that I won’t even get to meet her. The way I see it though, is that although we are built on an evil government (which we always have been, at least for awhile now) there are still good Christian people in the US who pray for Gods mercy daily. I dont presume to know the mind of G-d but I try to stay faithful despite of my fear. I also try to remember Sodum and Gommorah, where no man was found just, but I believe in America, despite it’s imperfections, there are good people. But Its hard for me to read doom and gloom things online and not feel anxious all day.

In my estimation America is decades past the point of no return and there is nothing we as a people can do to reverse the tide of immorality because little to nothing was done to prevent it in the first place. I personally believe our prayers and what we do in true charity are all that is mitigating the chastisement that is to come.

Pat Robertson has made a bunch of ridiculous claims:

The earthquake in Haiti in 2010 was because the Haitians had made a pact with the devil.

Robertson stated that the acceptance of homosexuality could result in hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, terrorist bombings and “possibly a meteor”

Stated that Hinduism is demonic.

On the August 27, 2013 episode of The 700 Club, Robertson said that members of the San Francisco gay community would deliberately infect people with AIDS by cutting them with a sharp, infected ring while shaking hands.

Then perhaps Mr. Robertson can explain why retirees drawing money from their investments and 401(k)'s, people in their 50’s and 60’s saving for retirement, small business people - all of whom are the most affected by economic downturns (and not the billionaires with big cushions to fall back on) – why would God “punish” such people who arguably are the LEAST likely to be supporters of Planned Parenthood and involved in immoral lifestyles? This wouldn’t be the first time Mr. Robertson has made inflammatory and questionable claims.

…among other things

If the US crumbles because of immorality it will be a gradual deterioration, not an anthropomorphic God sending down specific punishments for specific offenses.

Yes, let us be faithful and trust in Him. He will take care of us. If we follow Him the Kingdom of God awaits us! Jesus does not want us to be anxious, but to trust in Him.

WILL BE? We’re pretty far down the road now.

What men like Robertson fail to recognize is that we aren’t going to come under judgement for things like abortion and gay marriage. This IS the judgement! We are under judgement for rejecting God’s laws, so we are given over to this.

Pat Robertson does not know what God’s plans are. God can’t be pleased with PP and abortion, but we do not know the judgment that will befall us. If the stock market crashes it will be the fault of humans.

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