Pat Robertson: Manning Injury Would ‘Serve Broncos Right’ After Tebow Trade

(WSCR) Pat Robertson is at it again.

According to a report, the televangelist said new Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning should be punished with an inury because the team traded devout Christian Tim Tebow.

“I think the Denver Broncos treated [Tebow] shabbily,” Robertson said on Thursday. “He won seven games. He brought them into the playoffs, for heaven sakes."


Another kind of comment that will give Atheists some more ammo to barrage Christians with. :shrug:


I note that the news reporter is the one that said “punished with an injury.” Pat Robertson said “it would serve them right.” The two are very different and the paraphrase is not an accurate one. The reason Robertson gives has nothing to do with religion, but with football. If an atheist objects to this, it can only because of the spin CBS gives, not what Pat Robertson really said.

Has the Magesterium or any of our Bishops come out on Tebow or are they just waiting for the Hail Mary pass?:slight_smile:

I think the Broncos made a stupid decision because Tebow has a lot of promise and talent and Manning is past his prime, but there’s no cause to wish him injury. I don’t think the Broncos are going to get more than a season, or at most two out of Manning, but that’s their decision to make.

Technically yes but who are we kidding? Pat Robertson is all about his interpretation of who God is and what the filtered watered down version of God’s word that he and many others use.

Instructions for Pat Robertson: 1) Open mouth, 2) insert foot :thumbsup:


Well, to talk a little football…Tebow is what he is. He’ll never be a good throwing quarterback because that’s not where his talents lie-to win with him, you have to use that hybrid option offense, win lots of close games late, and have a great defense. I’d argue (and I think the Broncos would too) that this has a ceiling-you won’t blow people out so if you get unlucky you’ll go 5-11 instead of 8-8, and you won’t be able to win too many playoff games on the road.

The goal for Denver is not to be in the playoffs five years in a row but to win a Super Bowl. They crept into the playoffs in an awful division and won a very tight game with Tebow and the defense playing out of their minds. Its a nice season, but they aren’t anywhere close to being Super Bowl contenders as the New England game showed.

This is exactly what Robertson said:

“…Peyton Manning was a tremendous … uh … MVP Quarterback. BUT, he’s been injured. If that injury comes back, Denver will find itself without a Quarterback. And, in my opinion, it would serve them right.” Here is a video of his comments.

The linked news story in the OP is clearly way out of line, and whilst I am in no way in agreement with much of anything Robertson says, one wonders at how accepting individuals are of the act of mocking Christians. These sort of stories may (or may not) be defensible in a court against accusations of libel, but they are nonetheless rooted in a deep dishonesty.

I’m no fan of Pat Robertson, but as others have noted, the reporter put quite a spin on what Robertson actually said.

JustaServant, what do you think?

Well, as a San Diego fan I’m quite happy with their decision. Hopefully Manning’s, erm, interesting record against San Diego will continue :smiley:

As a Bronco fan I am quite happy as well. If the Broncos could win the division with Tebow running the offense, it should be a breeze with Manning. Looking forward to seeing Manning run the “hurry up offense” at altitude. :slight_smile:

Tebow would have done great with the Broncos and Manning will do great as well. The problem Denver might have is if Manning gets injured but also 5 years down the road they will be a team that loses a HOF QB. Lets see, how long has it taken denver to recover from losing Elway. Tebow could have been a better long term option but the way Tebow plays he is actually going to be injury prone as well.
Hope the Broncos and Jets meet up in a Superbowl in the near future!

Tebow will be starting in NY by week six.
Sanchez and Orton should talk to each other.:smiley:

It isn’t possible for a Jets-Broncos Super Bowl since they are both in the AFC; they could meet in the playoffs, though.

And let’s be fair to Mark Sanchez-two AFC Championship Games in three years is a very solid record; Sanchez actually has a better playoff record then Tebow does. He’s the victim of the classic New York sports fan tendency to eat their stars alive.

well,i like Tebow a lot. i think he is a great role model for young people growing up even though a lot of athletes don’t want to be seen as role models. i think broncos made a mistake and if they DON’T win the superbowl next year with peyton manning … .hmm.
maybe pat robertson was trying to make a point that - winning isn’t everything. of course, when it comes to the NFL and professional sports - winning is everything. that is why i don’t get too excited about these championship games.

Yeah, I caught that had giants on my mind. But in NY Sanchez is not very popular right now, even in his own locker room. Heck one team made the playoffs BECAUSE of their quarter back and one team did not. NFL is a what have you done for me lately league. I can guarantee you that Tebow would have started THIS year in NY. 2 minutes left, who would you put in?

But I like both teams so I have no Ill will toward manning or Tebow.
Lost in all of this is the idea that not only is Manning a HOF QB but also a quality guy as well. That, and football, is obviously something Robertson is unaware of.

The best case scenario would have been that Manning wanted a 2 year deal and Tebow studied under Manning and Elway. Denver would have been set for a long time.

The problem I’m having is can I root for Tebow if it means rooting for Rex Ryan?

And I doubt it takes Mark Sanchez 6 weeks to lose the starting title, he’s a typical Pete Carroll quarterback…not all that mentally tough.

Sure can! Do you think Denver fans think Fox is a great coach? Rex is an odd cat. But the NFL is better because he is in it.

I love the Hail Mary pass you injected into this Tebow situation last time. :wink:

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