Pat Robertson says Alzheimers makes divorce OK.

Oh Pat!! You say the darndest things!!

Sad. He is so very sad… :nope:

I guess the Bible is not the sole rule of Faith for him…


What about people who just forget a lot?
Or who get a bit too hard to look after?

:eek:I guess maybe he missed the part about “in sickness and in health”…:rolleyes:

Or a bit too hard to look at!:slight_smile:

I’ts wild that some folks look to Mr. Robertson for spiritual guidance.



There is no denying that Alzheimer’s and dementia put a lot of stress on a marriage. My husband’s grandmother has Alzheimer’s, and her second husband (she was widowed, and married this man when my husband was little) had another form of dementia. He was prone to bouts of anger and blamed her for forgetting things (which is a common problem with the disease), and after a while both her family and his decided it was better for them to live apart since neither of them could really tell anyone what was going on in that house (my MIL was concerned that there was occasional violence). It was really unfortunate. But once he moved out of her house, the situation improved a lot. They talked on the phone everyday and they told each other “I love you.” He died a few years ago and DH’s grandmother is now in assisted living and probably doesn’t remember him now (but she is still doing pretty well - she was very excited to meet her great-grandson a few months ago and we still visit around once a month).

I cannot see at all how a divorce would have improved their situation. Separation was needed and it worked just fine. Divorce would have just brought more fights and emotional anguish for them and for their families.


You know, years ago from about 1993 to 1997, as devout evangelicals, dh and I used to watch the 700 club religeously. My then toddler son used to hum the 700 club theme. I really liked the co-host named Ben(can’t remember the last name) who left around that time. We liked their take on the news when there was little alternative to the “lamestream” news at the time.
Then, somehow, little by little-we got turned off by something Robertson would do or say.
It started with the increasing health and wealth teaching. Maybe it was always there but we started noticing it.more and more. Then there was the increasing anti-smoking vitamin shakes that they sold schtik. We don’t smoke and we’re all for healthy eating but that’s not why we tuned into the show. Then Pat would say something that seemed a 180 degree turn-around from views he held before. He and his son Gordon Robertson started getting soft on China’s one child per couple policy.Maybe since they had a ministry in China?) There was more but you get the point. So we quit watching.

A spouse’s severe illness is not reason to divorce a spouse. That’s when your spouse will need your love and support the most. That doesn’t mean you can’t have help with care-taking-(or even a different living space if need be, such as assisted living)but I don’t see divorce being an option-“in sickness and in health,for better or worse…”

I agree- my step-aunt’s husband had early onset Alzheimers and became violent (would slap her, ect)and she had to put him in assisted living-so I agree separation is not bad in this case.

Wow, thanks, Pat! Great news! Now I can dump my ole lady of 30 years 'cos she’s not as young, pretty and trim as she used to be - that’s gotta be ‘a kind of death’, hasn’t it? Well, I’m no ethicist… and I don’t want to hear from one. Move over, old crone, I got me eye on a pretty one at work! Yeah! :thumbsup:

Alas, I, too, am 30 years older… fat, bald, and the pretty one laughed at me when I askd her out. Boo Hoo, wife of 30 years, why did you change the locks? Let me in… I’m lonely without you… :crying:

(the above drama is copyrighted & wholly owned by the Pat Robertson Tombstone Club).


But the really sad thing is that this argument is out there! :frowning:

I honestly thought he had died!

Why anyone listens to him is beyond my comprehension! To just put someone aside like that because of circumstances beyond their control is cruel and disgusting and I’d better stop before I say something that will trigger the censors!


Very good.:thumbsup:

If you think about it this makes sense…

Brother Pat is a “Once saved Always saved” preacher. So technically, he could have said if your spouse is sick, you can kill them… No worries… You said a prayer with your hand on a TV 3 years ago… You’re covered :slight_smile:

Divorce is actually a kinder, gentler solution…

Thanks for the laughs and keep them coming!!!

God bless

I would have loved to have seen his female co-host whack him in the back of the head with her papers and yell “what the #$%^ are you talking about Pat!?!”

guess in Pat’s sect of Christianity, there’s no vow that says in SICKNESS and in Health.

Alzheimers is NOT death…it is a devastating illness and those who actually take care of their loved ones who have this disease, are to be commended.

It’s like you killed him in your mind!!! :eek:

I had some fundamentalist friends who really believed this. One told me you could become a mass murderer but since you were saved you were saved. Of course the escape valve was that “well he wasn’t really saved if he murdered someone”.

Scarrier even then this. Pat has driven onto the “Slippery Slope Highway” to moral decay.

Am wondering by what authority does Pat Robertson use to determine whether someone is alive or dead?

…Broken Big toe on the left foot

Pick one of these and twist it enough to make someone “dead” so as to be “guilt free” to commit adultery.

Must pray for Pat Robertson

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