Pataki drops out of the presidential race



It’s about time. Mr. Pataki has been talking about running for President ever since he finished his third term as Governor of New York.

In reality, he had no political existence other than as a creature of then-Senator from New York Al D’Amato, and without D’Amato, he is pretty much a non-entity.


Who? What? When? Why? I have never heard of this guy before. Is he the “The Rent is too darn high!” guy?


No, that’s (if I remember right) Jimmy McMillan. Nice guy, entertaining, not to be taken seriously.

Geroge Pataki is a three-term former Governor of New York State. Although he was never a figure on the national stage, he did hold a serious office and have some achievements as governor.

Jimmy McMillan is just having fun.


glad to hear another one dropped out. it is time to narrow the field.


Huckabee is going after Iowa. Santorum will likely do the same. Gilmore… what is he even playing at?


It will be interesting as the field narrows, if Trump still reigns supreme or not. Right now he and Cruz are getting the lions share of support. I wonder if the Republican voters who aren’t in either of those 2 camps can coalesce around a more establishment candidate and deny the current 2 frontrunners the nomination.


you mean there is someone named Gilmore running for president?! I never heard of him.


anything is possible at this point I think.


Iowa is coming up; time to get serious and choose. I will be surprised if The Donald does as well as they say he will.:cool:


Pataki is definitely pro-choice and pro-gay marriage. As far as I can recall, I believe he was a gun grabber as Governor as well. No wonder he didn’t gain traction in the Republican party.


Much needed thinning if the herd. Now we need the media to get over the Trump obsession and focus in the other candidates


Yet for as much as they complain about the media, Trump supporters sure have fallen for the obsession.


I right now expect Cruz to take Iowa. But then NH? The field may not be narrowed enough yet by then to deny Trump the first in the nation primary and he could take it if others such as Cruz, Christie, Rubio, Jeb splinter the anti Trump vote. Then the first 2 winners, will be Cruz and Trump, heading south and west.


I’m not a Trump supporter


Technically, but he hasn’t made any of the main debates, hasn’t even made a secondary debate since the very first one, never got above 1 in any of the polls, and he isn’t actively campaigning anywhere. The fact that he hasn’t dropped out yet is awkward, but maybe he just wants the future president to know of him so he could get a cabinet position…

However, someone in his group recently said that he feels that he has a path to presidency, so maybe he’s just delusional.


Trump, Cruz and Rubio are still my top 3 picks. I haven’t decided who I
want to win the nomination though.


Definitely not Trump. The guy is not at all electable in the general, most of his policies are either unrealistic or just flat out illegal, and he may not even be pro-life, which is weird seeing how he is running as a Republican.


Don’t recall I said you were.


1 of your top picks may then well indeed win the nomination.

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