Path of Life - What is Purgatory?

So what is Purgatory? Do all people who die on earth go to Purgatory? Is Purgatory a place where people are cleaned or purified from their sinful habits?

Also, a bigger question - according to Catholics, what happens to our souls after we die on Earth? Do we all go to Purgatory? Do some get sent to hell right away? Do some get sent to Heaven? Do we go to a waiting place and wait till Jesus returns to judge us all? When does judgment take place?

So it’s bad, for the most part, to wish people to die. But is it ok to wish people to a long time in Purgatory? If I hate my dad for being a drunk and abuser to his family, can I pray that he’s in Purgatory now suffering and being cleaned from his wrongful ways?

when we die there is an immediate judgement of heaven, purgatory or hell. most people who die in God’s grace go to purgatory for a final clensing of sin. there are some who have perfect love for God and neighbor and bypass purgatory. and there are those which represent most the population that will go to hell. as for jesus’ second coming and judgement, that’s when our bodies will be rejoined to our souls whether in hell purgatory or heaven.

The late comedian George Carlin once said that Pugatory was temporary Hell. It was as bad as Hell, but you knew one day you were going home. Actually, that is a pretty good explanation of Purgatory. I have never seen one that is really any better or more succinct.

Some people will go straight to heaven.:extrahappy: The only ones that we are sure about are the Saints. Not the Football team:D although some of them might.:thumbsup:Some will go straight to Hell :bigyikes: Some will go to Purgatory.:signofcross: No one knows what percentages go to each place. If one dies with no unabsolved mortal sins they will go to either Heaven or Purgatory. If one dies with the stain of a non absolved mortal sin on their soul they will go to Hell. As far as unbaptized babies no one has a clue. :confused: We just don’t know. We can hope and pray but that is about it.

Now there are those who will telll you that no one goes to Hell because at their last moment all will confess and be forgiven, and besides that no one knows the state of another persons soul before death so we cannot say with any certainty one way or the other. These same people will often also say that the idea of Purgatory is primitive and tied to strongly to the idea of a vengeful, wraithful God. Many of these same people also pooh pooh the idea of a special place for the unbaptized saying that surely God will forgive them in their innocence. As I said we just don’t know.

As far as your father, since you don’t know where he is you can and should certainly say prayers for his soul in the hope that he is in Purgatory. In Purgatory your soul is cleansed of all attachment to sin that you have. The prayers would not hurt. They might not help depending on where he is, but they won’t hurt.

Ther are two judgements actually. The particular judgement which is immediate upon death and the general judgement which happens at the end of the world when Christ appears to judge the living and the dead.

In the particular judgement, your entire life is shown to you and you will be sent, knowingly, to whatever your fate is, Heaven, Hell or Purgatory.

In the general judgement you will be re-united with your body and sent back to whereever you are assigned. Those in Purgatory WILL make it to Heaven one day. They will not ever go to Hell. As far as we know however, once you are in Hell that is it. It is over, finished, kaput, done with, etc. No hope at all for forgiveness, no chance for a pardon, no light at the end of the tunnel, no hope whatsoever. Nothing, just pain and eternal separation from God.

As Dante said of Hell in the Divine Comedy

I like the concept of purgatory.

Yes! Purgatory is a comfort and great gift to mankind; without it, alot of us would be in big trouble. God cannot be outdone in generousity.

C.S.Lewis suggested the analogy of arriving at an English Estate for a festal weekend. One arrives wet and bedraggled to find the festivities already underway. One wants a bit of time to bathe and change clothes before entering the party.

I tend to regard it as the dealer prep that is given your new car just before you get it.

Well, I know God forgives and Christ died and took upon Him our sins. But still I can see some things or problems we have in ourselves that must be cleansed away and dealt with in the next life. So these problems can be dealt with in Purgatory? If someone is an alcoholic or addicted to pornography in this life, Purgatory can help that person get over those sins?

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