Patheos article: Why I am still an Evangelical

It seems that hardly a month goes by these days without there being another account of a leading evangelical who has fallen. Perhaps someone has deserted a doctrine traditionally held dear by fellow evangelicals. Or maybe they have had to resign their leadership in a storm of controversy about their leadership style, or because of a significant moral failure.

Then, of course, there is an increasingly hostile media and society. Evangelicals are branded as fundamentalists and claimed by some to be not too dissimilar from Islamic terrorists. We are “irrelevant,” “stuck in the past,” “on the wrong side of history,” “haters of gay people,” “anti-choice,” “anti-science,” “bigots,” “backwards,” and, in short, people who should not be tolerated because of our perceived intolerance. Sadly of course, some evangelicals definitely do act in a way that encourages this negative impression.

In my opinion, we should not be so concerned about the splinter in our neighbor’s eye so much as the plank in our own. Other Christian churches certainly have their share of public challenges and we can continue to pray for them but we should focus on our fellow Catholics as part of the New Evangelization. I’ve heard from too many of my fellow Catholics something that sounds “nice” from the PC culture but is actually a heresy in the church! I don’t know how many times they’re repeated and professed this “truth” to others who don’t know any better and so have done a grave disservice (unknowingly) to the Mother Church.

Finding that others are spreading untruths, I look inward and ask “have I done it myself?” So I study seriously on church dogma, doctrine, history, and administration so I can clear any confusion from my mind before I attempt to help other Catholics, Christians, and non-Christians.

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