Patheos Atheist Blogger Converts

Thank God. :slight_smile:

Lots of jimmies rustled in that post.

One of the comments :rolleyes:…

The Catholic church is boring, Miss Libresco! Come hang out with us Protestants! It’s much for fun, the music is better, the food is superior, and the people are far more attractive. And, we don’t have anybody playing middle-man between us and the big guy. If you’re going in, you might as well go ALL in!

haha, luckily this person seems intelligent and unlikely to be drawn in by better food and more attractive people.

That is pretty amazing.

As she says, once you accept some kind of Platonism plus virtue ethics, it’s probably hard not to take the next step. . . .


I read a Catholic blogger, Brandon Vogt-The Thin Veil. He says some very nice things about Leah Libresco, former atheist.

Welcome, Leah Libresco

God Bless her.

It’s funny because I think that protestant will be surprised on his day of meeting the Lord when Christ asks him why he didn’t go “all in” and become Catholic? Why have a cherry picked watered down make it yourself form of christianity when you can have the real thing that Christ gives us and guides us through :shrug:

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