Patience & Understanding!

The Lord is truly working right now to teach me patience and understanding! I am a 33-year old father of two minor children. Their mother filed for divorce and our marriage has been annulled. I have been feeling called to the priesthood, which will require at least 7 more years of discernment before acting. I know that my current Archbishop has historically not accepted applications from divorced men, even with an annulment. So, I must discern my calling, while raising my children from afar, and pray for acceptance.

I’m curious to know if others struggle with any or all of these challenges.

If it truly be God’s will, I will persevere through any and all obstacles and objections.


Anullments are a red tape paperwork nightmare, plus costly.

Have patience and good luck in the process.

Mine was actually quick and painless and done within a few weeks of sending the final paperwork.

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