Patriarch Aleksij II Dies 5 Dec 2008 1300 hrs

Скончался Святейший Патриарх Московский и всея Руси Алексий


5 December at 80th year of life Died the head of Russian Orthodox Church, the most Holy Patriach Moskow and all Rus’ Aleksij II. 6 December in the Patriarchial residence in Peredelkin will be meeting of the Holy Synod of Russian Orthodox Church at which will be chosen the Vicar of Patriarchial Throne and also defined the time and place of the funeral of Most Holy Patriarch Aleksij.

May his memory be eternal.

Thanks for letting us know, Volodymyr. I’ll say a prayer.


Eternal rest grant unto this great leader of Chrstianity.


Patriarch Moscow and all Rus’ Aleksij II did many remarkable things after Soviet times. He will be remembered for consecrating hundreds of returned churches and monasteries but also for the construction of the church Christ Savior in Moscow and also for the creation of the Butovo Polygon site where many new martyrs were killed in Soviet time.

Moskow now bids farewell all central Moskow is closed so people can come to Church of Christ Savior to pray at his coffin side. He will have his out-singing done at this Church and then be buried in the Bogojavlenskij sobor, the cathedral church of Moskow during Soviet time, where he was made patriarch 18 years ago.

His coffin at Temple Christ Savior:

Church of Christ Savior Moscow

Сhurch New Martyrs at Butovo

Wasn’t the Botovo polygon (or Church of Christ Saviour, i can’t remember) initially intended to be a church during the pre-Communist era? Stalin then halted construction and turned it into his undergound bunker. Well, like him or not, His Holiness Patriarch Aleksij II did many good things for the Orthodox faithful and he should not be forgotten. It was unfortunate his relationship with Pope John Paul II was bitter, but Catholics all over do grieve for his death. Hopefully the new Patriarch will re-establish good ties with the Vatican.

Church of Christ savior was ordered to be built in 1812 and not finished until 1880. It was then blown up in 1931 to become Palace of Soviets which was not built because of Great War II. Khruschev turned site into a bassin. Church was then rebuilt in four years (took 44 to buid originally).


January will meet local sobor or Russian church to choose new Patriarch Moskovskij and of all Rus’. There are already being held selections of monks, priests and laity for each eparchy. The Holy Synod which now is meeting in Holy Danilov Monastery in Moskow has added this prayer to the intense jektenija (litany?):

Observe with attention, All Good Master, the coming Sobor of Archpastors, pastors and your faithful children that in it they will well perform the building of our church; give to them (members of Sobor) a spirit of wisdom and discretion, a spirit of fear of God, a spirit of devotion and zealousness to glory of your Holy Name, protect them from all evil, temptation, divisions, that purely in love and single-mindedness they will accomplish the choice of the First Bishop of our church, and we pray to you, All Generous Lord, hear and have mercy.

Призри, Всеблагий Владыко, на предстоящий Собор архипастырей, пастырей и верных чад Твоих, во еже благоугодно совершити им устроение Церкве нашея, и подати им духа премудрости и разума, духа страха Божия, духа благочестия и ревности о славе имене Твоего Святаго; огради же их от всяких искушений, соблазнов и разделений, да непреткновенно в любви и единомыслии совершат они избрание Первосвятителя Церкве нашея, молимся Тебе, Всещедрый Господи, услыши и помилуй.

Just as you call a former member of Nazi Youth organization, Your Holiness Benedikt 16.

Also such marriage was annulled - which to Orthodox means it was not ever living together with sexual bond - but even if not Church has right to allow divorce = christ gave power to bind and loze to church. Dealing with government of Stalin one had to make deals - this writer has been told I am evil because I serve in Red Army many years ago by an American Catolic. Judge not so you will not be judged. You cannot understand either Nazis or Communist power over life.

We are all sinners - Holiness is only God’s reflection in our troubled lives.

How long will it take to elect and put into place a new patriarch?

Local Council New Patriarch

Local Council members are being chosen will include French, American, Japanese, Dutch, German and others. Will be held January 27-29, with expected enthronization of Patriarch on 1 February, 2009. I think will occur in the Hall of Church Councils in the Temple of Christ the Savior, if it is big enough for such a big group as this council:


Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord.
And let perpetual light shine upon him.
May his soul, and the souls of all the faithful departed, rest in peace.

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