Patriarch Bechara Rai

According to this recent article in SF Catholic, Patriarch Bechara Rai is one of the cardinals who “entered the priesthood and ministered as a member of religious orders”.

Is this true? If so, which religious order?

Please don’t derail this thread with another discussion of how inappropriate it is for our patriarchs to be designated cardinals. :slight_smile:

Yes, Mar Bechara is a monk of the OMM (Mariamite Order). Despite the monastic origins of the Maronite Church, and despite the tradition, he’s actually the first monk elected to the Patriarchal throne in some 200 years.

This might answer your question.

The son of Youssef and Taminee Rai, he was born in Hemlaya (the town of St. Rafka) on February 25, 1940. He pursued his complementary and secondary studies at the Collège Notre Dame at Jamhour. He took his monastic vows with the Mariamite Order on August 31, 1962; was ordained a priest on September 3, 1967; and was consecrated Archbishop on July 12, 1986.

Patriarch Beshara Rai is the first Maronite Patriarch to come from a religious order in more than 200 years. The last in date was Patriarch Toubia el-Khazen (1756-1766), who also was a monk of the Mariamite Order.

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I thought the fact of his elevation was something to smile about. :slight_smile:

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On topic, I know he was part of the OMM, but does anyone know how a candidate is selected from a monastic order? It just seems like it’d be a hard selection.

Do you mean how a monks is elected Patriarch or how one is named Cardinal? :confused:

Well it’s semi-on topic. How one is elected Patriarch.

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