Patriarch Kirill Wants Next Pope to Continue in Benedict's Line

Russian Orthodox Leader Notes ‘Good Development’ in Relations

Very Nice! Thank you our Russian brotheren. :thumbsup:

Patriarch Kirill is no stranger to scandal , but he is also deeply involved in the dire struggles against the anti-Christian juggernaut , in all of its sinister multiplicity.

He expresses genuine empathy with our former pontif in his farewell letter. He knows very well the strains and burdens of primacy. Solidarity among all Christians is going to become more and more essential as the “Enemy” grows ever stronger.

I salute him for this. :thumbsup:

If the Mystical Body of Christ is to be reunited, I suspect that the first place to start would be with the Orthodox. From there the reunification continues with the Protestants and Jews, and then the effort turns towards the atheists and pagans.

The sooner the Mystical Body of Christ is reunited the better. The Mystical Body of Satan is certainly not divided.

Yay for Ecumenicalism!

i also would like to see the next Pope continue the work that Benedict XVI did.

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