Since there are both Eastern Orthodox and Catholic churches, and each has its own patriarch, who would be the true one?

The one with a single point of unity that removes any pretext for schism.

I’m surprised a Catholic would endorse the Orthodox Church like that. :smiley:

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I laughed. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Don’t be so shocked!

As for the OP, not all Eastern Catholics exist under a Patriarchate.

Further, the age old question of (or rather, default mindset around) territoriality will inevitably short-circuit thinking along these lines before that question arises. Just look at how poorly we deal with ECs now in the diaspora that are not part of a Patriarchiate (or a “Patriarchiate lite”, otherwise known as a Major Archiepiscopate, which only exists under the unspoken pretense that Rome does not want to compound the problem of multiple claims to Patriarchial sees). Once we are viewed as a people and not as a territory, these simply become questions of optimal leadership for particular churches of same or most common origin.

A great Eastern Catholic leader once said that it is our destiny to become obsolete.

Until recently, I didn’t think that was such a sound idea.

I now believe this is the only path to reunification of the Apostolic Churches, in which case the question in the OP is relevant, but sadly a distant consideration (or so it seems at the moment).

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