Patriotism is alive and well


I have a son in the Navy and frequent a board for Navy families. Today one of the women posted that when her son and a bunch of other sailors flew from Chicago to Pensacola yesterday, 20+ people in first class gave up their seats and let all the sailors fly first class :thumbsup: . God bless them. —KCT


that is AWESOME…it is nice to know our men and women in uniform are appreciated in very practical ways.


How can this subject of good manners/Armed Forces/Patriotism be relavant to this Catholic site who believes inthe Word of God-“Thou shalt not kill” Especially from a country who has drummed God out and hasalso disbanded it’s Christian Herritage?


That is nice to hear. Thank you to your sin and your family for your sacrifice.


All due respect (I say this as a Catholic who is not a major fan of American foreign policy), the commandment is ‘‘Thou shalt not commit murder’’ not ‘‘Thou shalt not kill’’ there is a difference.


Yes it’s all the modern rage to change things to make it convenient.
What is written in stone is written forever!


Yes exctly, now it is the ‘rage’ to write it as thou shalt not kill, whereas originally it was thou shalt not commit murder.


That’s nice. And you’re posting that here because… ?


witnessed acts of kindness to military members in airports throughout the summer–passengers giving up first class seats or places in the standby line, passengers buying lunch (they are evidently not allowed to accept money, so people just went and bought lunches, and the young men were too polite to refuse them). even giving up seats in the waiting area (the airports were incredibly crowded this summer, and I was in areas close to military bases).

I don’t have to agree with the nature of all the theaters in which these people are asked to risk their lives to secure my freedom and that of oppressed people, and I don’t have to agree with the conduct of various actions in those arena, in order to appreciate the sacrifice these people are making on my behalf.


KCT… That is wonderful!

I come from a military family… Dad was Navy, I was Air Force, brother is Army, BIL & SIL were Marines, Ex was Navy… you get the picture… anyway… this past week my DS signed up for the Marines and as we speak he is on his way to MEPS for his physical and ASVAB test to enter delayed enlistment and leave for the Marines as soon as he graduates. His recruiter was so surprised that I wasn’t objecting to him joining or that even though he is 18, he said he wouldn’t sign without my blessing… sad when this surprises someone who has seen it all…

I am always pleased when people treat military folks with respect. I don’t think some people realize how much this country owes to our armed forces. Of course the media doesn’t help with the bad press either. Instead military folks end up facing hardships that no civilian could comprehend… going off to dangerous places, leaving family behind, having to move every couple of years, insufficient pay…etc. Then when we get out, we find out that we are treated worse than illegal aliens… If not for the few people that do respect and appreciate our military, most of us/them would feel totally rejected by the country we defend.

Those few people who are willing to show their appreciation and gratitude for the armed forces give more than just a seat on a plane… they give hope! Hope that all we are doing is not in vain and hope for pride in this wonderful country.


This reminds me of when my friend (former Marine) came home after serving in Iraq from February-October, 2003.

He had so many people pay for his lunches, dinners, etc., that he was almost embarrassed to go out in public in uniform. He even had a WWII vet come up to him, pat him on the back, and say, “God bless you, son. I served in WWII. Thank you.” He later found out that the gentleman had paid for his dinner (and he was with his family, so it wasn’t a small tab).

Another time, he was stopping by Wal-Mart for something quick (in uniform), and in the parking lot, some young punk spit in his face. Twice. My friend just calmly wiped his face clean, trying to ignore the guy who was blocking his way. Two other men witnessed the incident, and came over. They asked if there was a problem, my friend said no, but when my friend continued through the parking lot, he looked back to see the 2 guys verbally/physically roughing up the man who had been a jerk.

For my wedding, I requested that he wear his Blues. I couldn’t believe all the support he received, the personal thanks/stories people shared, and the 3 plates of food he ate! :wink: :smiley:


My husband was in the military BECAUSE he is a Catholic. He felt obligated to protect innocent lives. His inspiration was Jesus’ statement that there is no greater love than to lay down your life for another.

You have denigrated every Catholic member of the armed services with your words. And at least in the Air Force, that’s the majority. I think that is true for the other services as well. You are bashing some of the best priests in the world!

You are the kind of person who would spit on our troops, like happened in the San Francisco airport in September, aren’t you? (Oh, if I had been there… my big ol’ pregnant butt would have been in jail, cuz I would have been kickin’ some insert word here that starts with A)

You should really re-evaluate your ideas. Did Jesus ever tell Roman centurions that being in the army was evil, and that to be His follower they had to quit? NO! And those were actually imperialistic conquerors…real ones. People like to call the U.S. by that epithet even though it is demonstrably untrue.

:rolleyes: :mad: :shrug:


What ARE you talking about? I doubt you have seen the actual tablets. The intent was clear when the commandment was written. Your are just slinging to your false believe because you obviously hate the military.

Take your angst against the US and the military to another thread. I’m sure there is one extolling the glories of modern day society in North Korea you’d enjoy.

And there isn’t anything off topic on CA, in case you haven’t noticed.


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

You’re hilarious, DJ, God love ya! All I can say is, “You GO, Mama!!!”


My son is a new Marine, just graduated from boot camp one month ago. I am so proud that he has chosen freely to work at defending our country from those who hate us, and to defend the right to free speech, even for those who don’t agree with him. People who disrespect those serving our country should feel free to move to another country. In fact, it would make me happy!
When we flew home after his graduation, the flight attendants made sure my son got to watch the TV shows for free, and that he had everything he needed for a comfortable flight. Bless their hearts. Many people are thankful for these young men and women. He has had quite a number of people thank him for his service already. If it weren’t for our military, the US would have had to submit to evil forces long ago.


I just came back from a visit w/ my son. It was wonderful to be on base and see so many sailors. —KCT


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