Patron of asthma and allergies

Is there a patron saint of asthma, and separately, allergies? I have of both of these and it is not enjoyable. That is all I’m going to say as I’m really tired.

St Bernardine of Siena, according to [](“this website”), is the patron saint of respiratory disorders. And since allergies are, in effect, an inflamatory reaction, St. Benedict would be appropriate.

From one fellow allergy and asthma suffer to another! East TN in the spring is really bad, but it’s too beautiful here for me to move. Guess I’ll have to suffer… :rolleyes:

God Bless!

I live in the Ohio Valley, where it is said around here that is the worst place in the country for allergies. In the spring I become a miserable sneezing eye scratching… well, you understand.
I got allergy shots when I was little and was almost done with them, but then stopped going, and they’re back again.
Thanks and pax.

Lol, everyone here in East TN swears this is the worst place in the world for allergies, too! I know it’s pretty bad here with all of the flowers, trees, and grasses (and I tested allergic to most everything in those catagories). Also, the ozone levels are much higher than what they should be, and well, let’s say my breathing is a good indicator of ozone levels… :wink:

One thing that’s helped me is to buy local honey and eat a teaspoon everyday. I guess it’d would be like allergy shots, except probably doesn’t work as well… but I prefer that over sight reactions anyday.

I’ll be praying for you, especially as Spring gets closer.

God Bless!

I am glad to find this thread since my youngest child has asthma and some allergies. He is also autistic. One time I asked my Priest to come to the hospital to pray for him, his breathing was so labored it scared me. He’s been hospitalized several times and is six years old now. Thankfully the dr. found a medicine that has kept him out of the hospital for over a year now! I have a healthy respect for asthma if you know what I mean.

Thanks for the info.!

I have found some info that I hope is helpful for you.
a shrine in the us
and some info from ewtn

You’re very welcome! I’ve had asthma since I was 4 or 5 and not really understanding why I couldn’t breathe at that time really scared me. My mom would be really scared watching me be sick all the time when I was younger, so I have a healthy respect for the parents of children with asthma. I also have a niece with some developmental delays and at times she has a tendancy towards autistic behaviors, so again, another healthy respect for the parents and caregivers for all children with such issues. I will keep both you and your son in my prayers!

God Bless!

Thank you Erika and God bless you and your loved ones!

Love your sig.thing about the Tiber Swim Class;) . So does that mean you became Catholic last year? :thumbsup:

I recommend St. Bernadette of Lourdes. She suffered from Asthma her entire life. God bless.

Yes, I was confirmed on Pentacost of '08. :smiley: :slight_smile: I can safely say that was the best day of my life!

God Bless!

I’m glad this thread could help so many. I’ll check out the links.
When I had my first test for allergies, I found out I was allergic to what my mother calls “everything outside.” It isn’t fun being alive except the end of fall and winter.
How does honey work to prevent bad allergies?

Well, using local honey, that is produced using local pollen, seems to work to build up a tolerance to to those allergens. Again, doesn’t work as well as “traditional” treatments, but as I am really sensitive to those treatments (and I’m actually allergic to a few allergy meds :confused: ), anything is better than nothing, I guess.

Also, depending on your age, there is a possibility of “growing out” of allergies, or at least not having as severe of a reaction later on. Example, when I was 5 or 6 years old, being around someone with cat hair on them would set off a really bad allergic reaction and an asthma attack. Now (I’m 22) I can pet a cat for a few minutes if I make sure to wash my hands afterwards (because rubbing my eyes with the cat dander on my hands will swell them almost shut).

As with adding on any treatment, natural or over the counter, make sure to ask your doctor before trying honey. Most people I know that uses it does it in addition to whatever else their doctor has them on.

God Bless!

Sorry to hear about the nasty allergies. They can be so miserable. One person mentioned getting the local raw honey. I’ve heard that works well for some people, though not everyone. But I would think it’s worth trying. You might also consider looking into a homeopathic remedy. There are some good ones out there (Children’s Allergy Relief for kids, and BioAllers for adults), and they can provide decent relief of symptoms. Not only that, but homeopathic remedies for actually work to help the body recover from the allergy when used over a period of time. So you might be fortunate enough to find yourself with a less severe allergy, or none at all. Again, I think it’s definitely worth trying.

I live in the Ohio River Valley and I suffer from both asthma (mild) and allergies/sinusitis. This time of the year is a time of frequent sneezing for me. Just the other night I sneezed 5 times in a row during a sneezing fit and the sneezes were the loud and violent type too. Also, every single year I end up catching 1 or 2 sinus infections that require a trip to the doctor and an antibiotic to get rid of. This year I had a sinus infection so severe that not only was an antibiotic required, a thing of prescription cough syrup, and an inhaler (the type that contains steroids) were also required. I still have the inhaler as it still has several puffs left on it and so I am saving it just in case I need it for when I become out of breath or something. My asthma is mild and while I don’t think that I have ever had an asthma attack, it does frequently cause me to become out of breath.

Yikes! :eek: I am so glad that I am not allergic to cats. The reason being that I am not a dog person and have always loved cats. Also, if I ever suddenly become allergic to cats, I sure hope that they have some kind of medicine to prevent an allergic reaction to them because if not, I might need to get rid of my beloved cat, Precious (you can see pictures of her in my picture albums here on CAF).

Just a question but would it help you to be able to go outside during allergy season by wearing a face and nose mask that prevents allergens from entering your airways while you have to be outside or do your allergies also affect your eyes?

HI, My name is Sherrie. I am 66 and started having hives this past summer. It has been almost 5 months now. I cant take prednisone. I tried it for a few days and had no hives. The same day I stopped the med the hives came back. I am taking a antihistamine that keeps them at bay. I couldnt find the patron saint of hives and I ended up here. I just pray they will go away on their own as I have heard is possible. I pray everyday for this to happen. I live in northern Wisconsin, so everything is froze off, so I can eliminate any allergy to growing plants, etc. I took NO medication before now, so that is eliminated. The allergist said after all this time it is not food. Maybe someone else has gone through this.

With chronic urticaria, it is more difficult to identify the offending allergen than it is with acute cases. In about 80% of chronic cases of urticaria, the offending allergen responsible is unknown.
hives causes

the holy souls in purgatory can help with all that

don’t know but since Bernadette had asthma I always think of her

yes Ohio people think that until they move to south Texas
think August and ragweed season, but beginning in February and well into November, and we seldom (excep tthis year) have freezes that kill anything

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