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A friend of mine is having tremendous problems with his adult daughter (drugs and other things.) Her behavior is sometimes uncontrollable and has gotten her into trouble in life and with the law. She has received counseling, been to multiple rehabs, been incarcerated briefly, cannot hold a job, and is unmarried. She is perhaps doing better now but has relapsed many times. Of course I can and have prayed for her (and them.) My question is about a further action that I took. I mailed to my friend for her, via Amazon, a book about my patron saint, (newly adopted by me, or me by her), Saint Joan of Arc. I reasoned that she would be a great role model for her. The book is by Mark Twain, of course, a non Catholic. That was part of the appeal as my friend and his family are staunch Baptists and strongly anti-Catholic. I guess my question is did I do anything wrong? Joan has helped me greatly in my life since I have known her and I thought to enlist her aid in this. There is an element of evangelization in my actions I plead “guilty” to but it wasn’t the main impetus. The book itself must be read to be of help and there is no guarantee. Prayers are good but reasoned that my saint and her book would be a good combo. Of course he must, and may not, give to her. I do not have her address (out of town) and perhaps should not send directly anyway without his permission. (She is his daughter, not mine, and there is the friendship to consider.) Nothing else has done much good for her and I thought to put it into more capable hands in Heaven.

Why would it be wrong to give someone a book about Joan of Arc? Why is it wrong to evangelize?

It is not wrong, but might have been more effective if you had given it to her in person and explained why.

Presenting truth is never an error. It may not be prudential in all cases, but this case demands a response of love.

I recently received the book as a gift and read it. It’s a classic by Twain -

Had mentioned the book and my giving it to her to my friend previously. He seemed reluctant. Afraid she might become Catholic, I guess. I mean, what could be worse than converting to Catholicism? Have put it in his hands (on its arrival). Will leave it up to Joan and God to take it from there.

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