Patron Saint for Baptism

Can a male have a female patron saint for his baptism other than the Blessed Virgin Mary, and vice versa? My ICRSS priest said no. I am aware that there are other threads about this in which many people say that it’s okay, but is it traditional? Or more of a “spirit of the Second Vatican Council” kind of thing.

Accept what priest says.
Also, Blessed Virgin Mary is Queen of All Saints so what do you want more? :wink: :wink:


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Why question your priest’s instruction? (And for the record, I completely disagree with him — but I’m not your priest!)

What kind of question is that? What are you getting at? I of course respect my priest, but let’s be honest about the times we live in, which have shown that priests can be wrong. The first priest I went to when I wanted to convert recommended me James Martin books, was I wrong to be skeptical of him then?

Not necessarily. Was there something glaringly wrong with either of these priests? (It’s rhetorical; I just don’t see the point in trying to play “gotcha” all the time.)

Edit to add: If you do find a random internet source saying your priest is wrong, then what? I mean, after all, he gave you his opinion on the matter. Do you plan to try to sway him?

I’m sorry you feel that way. It wasn’t my intention; I was simply trying to understand the value of your question. Have a good day.

What is an ICRSS priest?

The ICRSS are also known as the ICKSP: The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest. They are a community in full communion with the Vatican that celebrates the TLM exclusively, and are known for the blue trimming on their cassocks, birettas, and solid blue altar server robes.

Thank you!!!

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Priests differ on this . Some will say what your ICRSS priest said. Some will let you have the patron saint of opposite gender but will make you change the name to the correct gender form (for example if you’re a man and want St. Joan of Arc then they make you take the name John). Some don’t care and let you have who you want.

You pretty much have to follow what your priest says. But keep in mind that although he may not let you take a female saint other than Mary formally as your baptism saint, you can still pick as many patron saints as you want to be devoted to in your private life.

St. John Vianney’s favorite saint was St. Philomena. Obviously she wasn’t his baptismal saint. But she was his best friend.
So just follow what your priest says for baptism but then you can pick whatever saint you like to be your own best friend.

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It depends on which books and why he was recommending them to you.
Fr. Martin wrote a book about the saints before he becamse known for writing a book about gays in the Church. His saint book is just a normal book about saints and how they operated in his life and our lives.

Thank you for the helpful clarification!

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