Patron saint for bisexual women?


I really would like to know if there is one:blush:


If there were, of course, it could only be in the sense that St Nicholas of Myra or St Dismas (the Good Thief crucified with Christ) are ‘patrons’ of thieves or Matt Talbot of alcoholics - their patronage is meant to help PREVENT the behaviour, not as any sort of endorsement of it.

Now that that is crystal clear for anyone who may be confused …

Don’t know of any specifically for bisexual women, but ‘bad girl’ saints such as Mary Madgalene, Mary of Egypt, Pelagia and Margaret of Cortona may be helpful patrons against sexual sin.


Not any that would be an endorsement for such sexual behavior. But for chastity…Saint Philomena is always a good helper. Wear her cord for chastity, and ask for her help. (I wear her cord:D )


If any it could be St Mary Magdalen ?
I as like others believe that this sin is not covered by the form of Saints patronizing this life, rather they have to come out of this life.



Yes, I’m asking if there was one who struggled but didn’t give into temptation. Not one who endorsed sinful behavior:)

Thank you


Not a saint who even fought with this temptation, but fought for others to not give in: St. Maria Goretti.



Although my temptations toward impurity were very probably easier for me as a heterosexual I’ve always been given the Grace to successfully fight temptation by asking Our Blessed Mother. When I feel temptation I pray the “Hail Mary” and sometimes when needed I just say, “Help, Mary!” She has greatly blessed me whenever I ask.

I will pray for you, also.:blessyou:


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