Patron Saint for Cooking

Do any of you mothers or cooks out there pray to a particular saint for cooking?

Looking it up i found St Lawrence or St Martha

Does anyone pray to these saints for help in the kitchen?

I usually appeal to Saint Fay.

That’s my wife.

I even offer to do the washing up to avoid the risk of poisoning myself.

Apparently Bishop Fulton Sheen wasn’t a good cook either, going by his own testimony. He claimed he was cooking one day when Betty Crocker happened to walk by. He said she threw a brick through his kitchen window.

Saint Julia Child!

I always pray to St. Ann, the mother of Our Blessed Virgin. St. Ann is the patroness of a happy home. So whenever I have need of prayer in the domestic realm (sewing, cooking, being a good hostess to visitors) it is to her I take my needs.

me? i ask the virgin mary …

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