Patron Saint for Husbands


Is there a Saint patron for being a great husband?
I know St. Joseph is patron for Fathers but not sure if there is a one for husbands?


Yes. Look on here for them Stick with St Joseph for this too if you can. He’s very good. God bless:)


St. Thomas More. From his litany:

V. St. Thomas More, Saint and Martyr, R. Pray for us (Repeat after each invocation)
St. Thomas More, Patron of Statesmen, Politicians and Lawyers
St. Thomas More, Patron of Justices, Judges and Magistrates
St. Thomas More, Model of Integrity and Virtue in Public and Private Life
St. Thomas More, Servant of the Word of God and the Body and Blood of Christ
St. Thomas More, Model of Holiness in the Sacrament of Marriage
St. Thomas More, Teacher of his Children in the Catholic Faith

St. Thomas More, Defender of the Weak and the Poor
St. Thomas More, Promoter of Human Life and Dignity


St Therese’s father, Blessed Louis Martin was a most supportive and loving husband and father. He and his wife are now beatified, his daughter Therese isn’t just a saint but is also a Doctor of the Church. Her sister Leonie’s cause is also under way.


I recommend Blessed Louis Martin… husband of Blessed Zelie Martin; the Martins are the parents of St. Therese of Lisieux.

Mr. Martin became a widower when his children were still young… but he carried out the duties of family life, and in that way… remained faithful to his vocation of husband and father.

Here is a link for you to read about him. Blessed Louis Martin, pray for us! :gopray:


Indeed, Zelie Martin gave a beautiful testimony to her husband in the letter in which she wrote: “My husband is a very holy man; I wish all women had a husband like him.” When she was away on a brief visit, she told him that she felt like a fish out of water! You can read more about Blessed Louis and Zelie, including the homily “Witnesses of Conjugal Love” delivered by Cardinal Saraiva Martins at their beatification Mass, at my Web site,

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