Patron Saint for unwanted thoughts


Is there a Patron Saint(s) for unwanted thoughts and unwanted pictures that enter our brain?


If they are impure then our Lady or Mary most pure.
If they are diabolical or the same St Michael the archangel and your guardian angel ( whom you can name ).:thumbsup:


You might also wish to make an offering to Jesus, of all unwanted thoughts and images… which cause you discomfort… as a way to share in the pain of His Crown of Thorns. Offer this to Him, for the conversion of sinners and the salvation of souls.

I’m sure this would please Our Good Lord, very much. God bless you.


How would I do this?

And these are thoughts/pictures that come into my head once in awhile and it’s something that other person did but it just makes feel bad and sometimes causes me to sin and just feel bad about myself and bad towards that person.


“Abisko”… by just making an act of the will. When an unpleasant or unwanted thought enters my mind… I will simply offer a short, ad-libbed prayer of this type:

“Merciful Lord, please accept the suffering of my weak human mind with all its unwanted thoughts as a small relief of the pain which You felt, when You were crowned with thorns. I make this offering for the conversion of sinners and the salvation of souls. Amen.”

Sometime along those lines. The words can be your own. Hope this helps. God bless.


The last post was good and it jogged my memory. In the Ot it says, the wages of sin is death.
I used to sy this when tempted but a little change- the wages of sin is death, misery and despair.

Maybe it’ll help


St. Benedict of Nursia


* against erysipelas
* against fever
* against gall stones
* against inflammatory diseases
* against kidney disease
* against nettle rash
* against poison
* **against temptations**
* **against witchcraft**
* agricultural workers
* cavers
* civil engineers
* coppersmiths
* dying people
* Europe
* farm workers
* farmers
* Heerdt, Germany
* Italian architects
* monks
* Norcia, Italy
* people in religious orders
* schoolchildren
* servants who have broken their master’s belongings
* speliologists
* spelunkers
* students
* Subiaco, Italy

He is also usually invoked against demons.


Saying a Hail Mary works for me.

God bless


This is also a very good method. I once heard Fr. Corapi suggest this, too.

When “attacked” by bad, horrid or uncomfortable thoughts… say a Hail Mary… or a Glory Be… etc., over and over, if necessary… until the thought(s) cease. :thumbsup:


St. Clare would be the perfect saint you could invoke for unwanted images or visual thoughts…She’s even the patroness for television because of her visual experiences, I believe.


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