Patron Saint of bad habits and peer pressure


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I have a really good friend that has gotten into some stuff and a crowd that is a kinda bad influence. Does anyone know of any Patron Saint of Bad Habits/Peer Pressure/ect.?
Are there any good devotions for such things? I have picked up the daily Rosary for 'em (i have been praying for a while for different reasons and I am going to include this in the intention). But, I would like to do more? Any suggestions on how I can bring Gods grace into this persons life and be freed from such things?

Thanks and Gruess Gott!!


Not sure about the Patron Saint thing, but I think you’re on the right track with the Rosary. That’s the route I’d go…


I don’t know who the “official” patron saint is of those things, but St. Augustine comes to mind! He writes about an incident in his youth when he stole pears with friends even though he didn’t want to eat a pear, and he struggled with chastity for a long time.


For some 30 years I worked into all my classes a ‘teen creed’ this was a series of suggestons designed to lead the young towards truth and away from error…the last one had to do with peer pressure…"Don’t let the crowd pressure you,stand for something-or you’ll fall for anything! If you would like the complete list let me know…the creed covers.respect for parents,choosing companions with care,fighting ignorant intolerance,habits,safe driving…all the best


Not exactly what you’re looking for but here are several that seem relevent: St. Jude (Desperate/Hopeless Causes), St. Rita (Impossible Causes), St. Maximilian Kolbe (Addicts), St. John of God (Alcoholism), and St. Teresa of Avila (People in need of Grace)

Check out:

As the other responders have noted the rosary is awesome too.


Here a few which might be relevent to your question. I have included the links so you can do some searching on your own.

Sobriety Venerable Matt Talbot

Prisoners St. Dismas, St. Joseph Cafasso

Penitents St. Mary Magdalene

Juvenile delinquents St. Dominic Savio

Gambling, compulsive St. Bernardine of Siena

Desperate situations Jude, Gregory the Wonderworker, Rita of Cascia, Eustace

Detraction John Nepomucene

Difficult situations Eustace

Diabolical possession Cyriacus, Dymphna

Juvenile delinquents Dominic Savio

I like these types of questions because I get to learn about new saints.

God bless


I was going to say exactly the same thing in nearly the same words.

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