Patron Saint of college students? Scholarships?

Ok I have an odd question. I’m starting college in January. I’ll be majoring in Journalism. Anyways, I’m trying to get some financial aid to attend college. I’m looking into Scholarships. I was wondering if there are any Saints out there that I could petition for their intercession to help me with my college studies as well as finding some financial aid.:o

Hi there,

I’m a student too, studying Ancient History. :slight_smile:

Patron saints of journalism:

Saint Francis de Sales
Saint Maximilian Kolbe
Saint Paul the Apostle

Here is also a longer list of patron saints of students here (some are schoolchildren though, so you should check out each page individually).

I hope that helps, best of luck with your studies. :slight_smile: You’re in my prayers.

Hmmm, I’d suggest from those lists you can’t possibly go past the great Doctors of the Church - St Francis de Sales, St Ambrose of Milan, Gregory the Great, Jerome and Thomas Aquinas. That’s one powerful team to have on your side!

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