Patron saint of crossroads?

Well, my college applications will be due in a few months and, thanks to God, I have phenomenal test scores that will afford me many options. I was wondering if there was a particular saint that could intercede for me to the Lord for guidance and direction in this rut of indecision that I’m in.


Not sure, but thinking St. Ignatius or St. John Bosco.

St. Thomas Aquinas is the patron saint of universities and students. Perhaps he can help you in your time of need :slight_smile:

Definitely St. Ignatius of Loyola. You may even want to consider doing the Spiritual Exercises during a retreat. Once you do those exercises, you have an incredible toolbox of how to make good decisions. Check out the Creighton University website.

Because all saints will be eager to support your good intentions, I urge you also to pray to your personal patron (your name) and also to Saint Francis Xavier because your best college choice will best encourage and support you in the life mission(s) you choose (or are called to). St Francis Xavieris the patron of missionaries.


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