Patron Saint of Marfan Syndrome?


I know there are plenty of Saints, Blessed, Servants of God, and so forth that we can turn to for our needs. I’m just curious to know is there a specific Patron Saint for Marfan Syndrome? Some of my family members have Mafan Syndrome.

Thank you and God bless you for your help,


I am not aware of any specific patron saint for Marfan's Syndrome. This website has a list of many medical conditions. You may want to pick something a little more general:
*]Heart patients (as Marfan's Syndrome often causes heart conditions)
*]Physically challenged people
*]Sick people (this may be a little TOO general …)
You can't go wrong by praying to Mary, help of the sick. Or pray to the saints for whom your family members were named, or their Confirmation patron saints, or their guardian angels.

God bless you and your family. I have a friend with Marfan's, and it can be challenging to cope with.


Perhaps Our Lady of Lourdes, or some of the Hospitaller saints.

Bl. Herman ora pro nobis!


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