Patron Saint of unreturned affection?


I’m in a situation where I like someone but the feeling isn’t mutual, at least I don’t know if it is. Is there a patron saint for unrequited loves or something to that extent that I can talk to? :slight_smile:


Saint Raphael the Archangel is both the patron saint of lovers and also of healing. I am sure he will help you with your aching heart! :slight_smile:


Just look to the Lord for this one. This is one of the first painful lessons He taught me when I asked to love like Him. Tim


Yes, Jesus, above all, has loved so much and so often has been little loved in return, when He lived on earth, and since.


I go with Tim and Trishie on this. Our Lord first came to mind… when I read the question. He was abandoned by all those whom He loved, (with the exception of His Holy Mother, St. John and a few women followers). How His Heart must have broken… for those He loved so much, when they turned their backs on Him.

Anyone who suffers from a broken heart… give it to Jesus. The One Who will never abandon us. :heart:


I’m sorry your heart is breaking… but look at it this way.

Sometimes something has to be disassembled to be put together properly so it will work right.

Jesus will do that if you give Him all the pieces.


one time at Mass, when it came time for personal prayer intentions, i just said “The will of God be done.” That simple prayer was amazingly powerful… in wht it revealed to me about the condition of my mind/soul… (The Mass is the most powerful prayer of all)…

Have you done that about this relationship? Because only God knows (and Christ reveals) what is truly in God’s perfect plan for a person… Isaiah says that the will of God will be done through Christ… I hope you spend a lot of time with Him in the Church… (Real Presence…)

Marrying the wrong person is a terrible ordeal…


our Lady of fair love is good here.


I agree with the above: The Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Blessed Mother, and St. Raphael

Here are links so that you can learn more.

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Rosary Confraternity Enrollment (As Pope Leo XIII said in his encyclical on the Confraternity, *“Whenever a person fulfills his obligation of reciting the Rosary according to the rule of the Confraternity, he includes in his intentions all its members and they render him the same service many times over.” * Each member includes deceased fellow members as well; and thus he knows that in turn he will be included in the prayers of hundreds of thousands both now and hereafter.
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Excerpts from Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Consider that the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ was no sooner formed within the womb of the Blessed Virgin, than it was inflamed with an immense love for all men, but, as it is the property of love, to desire to be continually with those, for whom this love is felt, a life of thirty-three years appeared to Him too short, to satisfy His excessive desire of being continually with us. It was necessary to work the greatest of miracles, to content the greatest of all desires. This Heart could not place limits to the excess of Its love. Be not afflicted, oh my Apostles, said our loving Jesus, if I am obliged to leave you to ascend to Heaven; my Heart desires with more ardour to be with you, than you desire to be with Me, and as long as there are men upon earth I shall be with them. Ecce ego vobiscum sum usque ad consummationem saeculli. All the motives that led the Son of God to clothe Himself with our flesh have ceased. The work of Redemption is fulfilled. Nothing but His excessive desire of being continually with us, obliges Him to work this constant miracle, and this compendium of all His wonders; His immense love making it, as it were, impossible to Him to be separated from us. Jesus has ascended to His Father: why does He every day return invisbly on earth, if not because He cannot separate Himself from men, and His delights are to be with us? Who would ever have thought that Jesus Christ could have loved us to this excess? From the greatest height of glory, He desires to come and dwell in our hearts, as if something were wanting to His felicity, when He is at a distance from us. A desire must be very violent, when it cannot be satisifed in Heaven, where all desires are fulfilled. Jesus Christ must love men passionately, since not restrained, by the great glory He has enjoyed since His Ascension, He every day places Himself, in a humble and obscure state on our Altars, to satisfy the excess of His love and of His tenderness; proving to us the truth of what He had said by His Prophet, that His delights are to be with us: Deliciae meae esse cum filiis hominum.


Most adorable and most amiable Jesus! Ever full of love for us, ever touched with compassion for our miseries, ever actuated by the desire of making us partakers of Thy treasures, and of giving Thyself wholly to us: Jesus, my Saviour and my God, Who, through an excess of the most ardent and most wonderful love, hast placed Thyself in the condition of a victim, in the Adorable Eucharist, where Thou offerest Thyself for us in sacrifice so many times every day, what must be Thy sentiments in this state, at finding no return for all this, in the hearts of the greater part of men, but hardness, forgetfulness, ingratitude and contempt! Was it not enough, Oh my God, to have taken the most painful means of saving us, when Thou couldst have whown us Thy excessive love and much less cost? Was it not enough to abandon Thyself once to that cruel agony, and deadly sorrow, cause in Thee by the horrible sight of our sins, with which Thou wast loaded? Why wilt Thou still expose Thyself daily to all the insults of which the unspeakable malice of men and devils is capable? Ah! my God and my most loving Redeemer, what are the sentiments of Thy Sacred Heart at the sight of all this ingratitude, and of all these sins? How great was the bitterness with which so many sacrileges, and so many outrages, afflicted and tormented Thy Heart?


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