Patron Saint(s) for lack of faith?


I have a friend who is really struggling to have the faith to get through something right now and want to ask for the intercession of the saints on their behalf. I know everyone has struggled in faith but I was wondering if anyone knows a saint that is espeically in tune with this. Such as a patron saint or a saint who really struggled with faith during their life?
Thank you in advance.


Maybe Saint Thomas the Apostle?

Also, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta will probably be a great help. while she was alive she said:

“If I ever become a Saint—I will surely be one of “darkness.” I will continually be absent from Heaven—to lit the light of those in darkness on earth .”


St. Jude is a good one. He is the patron saint of lost causes. Pray to him, and also read his Epistle in the New Testament. It will help.


Saint Rita of Cascia

Also known as
Margarita of Cascia
Rita La Abogada de Imposibles
Saint of the Impossible
22 May
Daughter of Antonio and Amata Lotti; known as Peacemakers of Jesus, they had Rita late in life. From her early youth, Rita visited the Augustinian nuns at Cascia, and showed interest in a religious life. However, when she was twelve, her parents betrothed her to Paolo Mancini, an ill-tempered, abusive individual who worked as town watchman, and was dragged into the political disputes of the Guelphs and Ghibellines. Disappointed but obedient, Rita married him when she was 18, and was the mother of twin sons.

She put up with Paolo’s abuses for eighteen years before he was ambushed and stabbed to death. Her sons swore vengeance on their father’s killers, but through Rita’s prayers and interventions, they forgave the offenders.

Upon the deaths of her sons, Rita again felt the call to religious life. However, some of the sisters at the Augustinian monastery were relatives of her husband’s assassins, and she was denied entry for fear of causing dissension. Asking for the intervention of Saint John the Baptist, Saint Augustine of Hippo, and Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, she managed to bring the warring factions together, not completely, but sufficiently that there was peace, and she was admitted to the monastery of Saint Mary Magdalen at age 36.

Rita lived 40 years in the convent, spending her time in prayer and charity, and working for peace in the region. She was devoted to the Passion, and in response to a prayer to suffer as Christ, she received a chronic head wound that appeared to have been caused by a crown of thorns, and which bled for 15 years.

Confined to her bed the last four years of her life, eating little more than the Eucharist, teaching and directing the younger sisters. Near the end she had a visitor from her home town who asked if she’d like anything; Rita’s only request was a rose from her family’s estate. The visitor went to the home, but it being January, knew there was no hope of finding a flower; there, sprouted on an otherwise bare bush, was a single rose blossom.

Among the other areas, Rita is well-known as a patron of desperate, seemingly impossible causes and situations. This is because she has been involved in so many stages of life - wife, mother, widow, and nun, she buried her family, helped bring peace to her city, saw her dreams denied and fulfilled - and never lost her faith in God, or her desire to be with Him.
1386 at Roccaparena, Umbria, Italy
22 May 1457 at the Augustinian convent at Cascia of tuberculosis
1 October 1627 by Pope Urban VIII
24 May 1900
abuse victims
againts infertility
against loneliness
against sickness
against sterility
against wounds
bodily ills
Dalayap, Philippines
desperate causes
difficult marriages
forgotten causes
Igbaras, Iloilo, Philippines
impossible causes
lost causes
sick people
sterile people
victims of physical spouse abuse
wounded people

Prayer to Saint Rita
Holy Patroness of those in need, Saint Rita, you were humble, pure and patient. Your pleadings with your divine Spouse are irresistible, so please obtain for me from our risen Jesus the request I make of you: {mention your petition}. Be kind ot me for the greater glory of God, and I shall honor you and sing your praises forever. Glorious Saint Rita, you miraculously participated in the sorrowful passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. Obtain for me now the grace to suffer with resignation the troubles of this life, and protect me in all my needs. Amen.

There is always Hope, if you believe in Him who Hope comes from.



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