Patron saint social skills


Is there a patron saint of social skills?
Child lacking in social skills


A number of websites seem to point to the Apostle Andrew.


I think there are probably many great Saints who had excellent social skills, however. My saints tend to be Mystics and contemplatives, however, so it’s not an area of expertise for me.

What about Saint Francis de Sales?


How about St. Joseph of Cupertino?


There’s been some buzz about Leonie Martin, who was St. Therese of Lisieux 's sister.
Her cause is up for canonization, and she had a lot of emotional problems and social development issues growing up.
She became a nun, like her sisters, but it was never easy for her–she worked hard on the virtues.
Some people think she might have been on the spectrum, although I suspect ADHD from some of the descriptions of her childhood behaviors, but in the end, she was a simple, holy woman who put in a sincere effort to serve the Lord.


No, he is patron of hang gliders and sky divers.


And Scotland :slight_smile: Och aye the noo …


The best I can think of would be Moses at the moment. He was a quieter individual who didn’t like to speak in front of crowds.


St. Francis de Sales is pretty good on social skills. He was very very good at convincing people and befriending them.

His most famous book, An Introduction to the Devout Life, talks a lot about how to act holy around other people, without driving them away by seeming weird; and how it’s charitable to work on your social skills.

So yeah, you might try him. He was very big on education, too.


I have Aspergers, diagnosed and everything. I do not have the greatest social skills. I’ve seen some on the interwebs about St. Andrew. Wish I could be of more help. God bless.


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