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I’m going through RCIA right now. My catholic cousin was asking if I’ve chosen my patron saint yet. We haven’t discussed this in class and I was wondering if anyone could give me more details about how to choose a patron saint and what that saint’s role is? And specifically— does your patron saint have to be the same gender as you??

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Hello Sarah and Welcome!!

A patron saint is a saint you look to for intersession or guadiance, protection or whatever

For example…your very name…Sarah…St Sarah (Abraham’s wife) could be your patron saint…

If you are drawn to music…St Cecilia is the patron saint of musicians…

The patron saint of my parish is St James (for the apostle, St James the greater). The patron saint of my diocese is St Joseph. The patron saint of the United States is Our Lady under her title The Immaculate Conception.

The patron saint of police officers is St Michael the Archangel.
And no, your patron saint doesnt have to be the same gender as you, althought many of the saints name do have slight gender alternatives.

For example, say you feel drawn to St Benedict. You could take as your confirmaiton name Benedicta.

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To choose a patron saint, I recommend reading about saints and seeing if there is one that kind of ‘grabs’ you. Sometimes people just hear a saint’s story and just connect this it instantly. Other options:
-Choose a saint who is a patron of a hobby or interest of yours, for example if you are a musician, you could chose Saint Cecilia as she is the patron saint of musicians.
-Choosing the saint who’s feast day falls on your birthday. So for example if you were born on the 21st of January, you could choose Saint Agnes.

There are websites that have a ‘saint of the day’ system so that’s a good way to learn about different saints. The website has an email saint of the day system.

I’ve never heard of people taking a patron saint of a different gender but I don’t know about if it’s allowed or not. If you have a male saint in mind, perhaps consider using the feminine form of the name.

These are some of my personal favourite saints:
Saint Agnes of Rome, virgin-martyr
Saint Emerentiana, foster sister of Saint Agnes and martyr
Saint Maria Goretti, virgin-martyr
Saint Joan of Arc, martyr

Thank you both! I did have someone in mind – St Andre, because I lived in Montreal for five years, and went through a lot of difficult and sinful times there. I hope I can choose him, despite him being male!

God bless.

Pray to be shown whom to chose as a Patron Saint. Perhaps a Rosary offered for this intention.

That’s great you have a saint you feel a connection to. I chose my confirmation saint based on what names sounded ‘pretty’ to me, I ended up choosing Saint Emiliana. Though actually that’s turned out perfectly for me, despite my vain intentions when I chose it.
If you choose St Andre you could use the feminine form Andrea if anyone objected to having a male saint.

There is no reason you cant chose him. :slight_smile:

For example, all of the priests and brothers of the EWTN (Franciscain Friars of the Eternal Word) have as part of their names “Mary”…IE Father Anthony Mary, Fr. Mark Mary, Fr. Miguel Mary, etc etc.

Yaaay!! Thank you for your response! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion, that’s true! Hopefully the deacon won’t object to the male name but that’s a good option if he does.

Btw I read your blog regularly! :slight_smile: It’s nice knowing someone else who’s discerning. Even though I’m very early on in the process, I really feel drawn to being a Sister!

God bless!
Sarah Q

Thanks :slight_smile: I recognised your username from the times you’ve commented on stuff.

Even though it’s early days for you, it’s always good to be open to God’s will and try and learn where He is calling you to serve Him. If you ever just want to talk or whatever feel free to send me a message.

That’s cool, I’ve also picked St. Andre for my patron saint when I get confirmed this spring! :thumbsup: I visited Montreal in 2010 and love it there. My first rosary I ever got has a 3rd class relic of St. Andre. :slight_smile:

Oh how cool!!! Doesn’t he just look so gentle and grace-filled? :slight_smile: And congratulations on becoming Catholic!!! It’s an exciting time!

Thanks Emily Anna. I can’t wait til I’m baptised and can seriously start discerning!

God bless!!

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