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Does anyone know of a saint I should recommend to a friend to pray to for discernment of his purpose in life…a saint who had a particularly difficult job discerning such, perhaps.


You might want to try this website:

Since you know your friends situation better than any of us, however under doubters, St. Joseph is listed. Under desperate situations, St Jude is listed. I would say either one of the two, but I would lean more to St. Joseph, since he himself had doubt about whether to go thru with the betrothal to the Blessed Virgin, until the angel appeared before him.

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[quote=twf]…a saint who had a particularly difficult job discerning such, perhaps.

If it is life to the priesthood, St. John Vianney had trouble with his studies. They thought he would not make it because his Latin was terrible. He gave up but he was encouraged. He finally ‘made it’, and was ordained. Now he is patron saint for parish priests.


Thanks for the input Johnomi (no, not priesthood, much more general) and Faustina.
God bless.


Didn’t St. Ignatius of Loyola formulate his spiritual exercises precisely for helping people receive the grace of right discernment? Another idea might be St. Benedict Joseph Labre who was turned away from order after order until he finally found his niche as a homeless pilgrim who wandered among the holy sites in Rome.


Mia Storm: Thanks for the further input.


It took St. Augustine a long time to discern his true path in life.


st alphonsus liguori is the patron of vocations and theologians…

your friend should pray to him for help in discovering what his vocation in life should be…



for jobs - I and my g/f pray mainly to St. Rita, St. Jude for their intercession. The main important things are to glorify the Lord with the job that you have and to ask God not to lead us astray from Him with that job but to be closer to Him more than ever.

When we prayed for that purpose, He has granted us more than we had asked for.


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