Patron saints against divorce?

A friend and his wife are going through a painful divorce. Which saints do you think would be best to pray to about this? The closest I can find is St. Joseph, since he considered divorcing Mary but did not go through with it. Any others?

I think you’ve chosen wonderfully.
St Joseph’s feastday is the 19th, which is today in Australia so in your part of the world, tomorrow. St Joseph could have had Mary stoned, but the message of the Angel in his dream allowed him to understand and forgive and to welcome Mary as his wife, even though the Child was not his, but of God.

You could also ask for prayer from Louis and Zelie Martin, St Therese’s parents, who were beatified by the Pope last year, as a couple who witness true Christian marriage of unity and love.

My confirmation saint, St Helena, was divorced by her husband - I’m sure she’d be happy to help your friends avoid the same fate.

St. Monica, she lived a life of grace through the most difficult of marriages and saved her husband’s soul.

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