Patron Saints and Christian Name


I know already that I have two patron saints…

However, how do you know which one to pick as your Christian Name at Confirmation/Baptism?


I forgot to ask…

Can a male take a female saint’s name?


I know “Mary” is often used both as a baptismal name or as a confirmation name for boys/men but it’s usually added as the second name of two, e.g. “Robert Mary”, “Michael Mary”, “Jose Maria”.


Well, my Patrons are St. Philomena and St. Michael…

I may end up taking Michael as my confirmation name, not sure yet.


I’m not sure… but would it be ok to take “Phillip” in honor of St. Philomena? Maybe “Philomena” is derived from “Phillip”? Just a thought.


So far I’ve decided to just take Philomena.

It doesn’t appear my confirmation will take place this Easter, so please pray that until I am received into Communion with the Church that I will stand strong in the faith and that God will grace me with a bit of patience in the meantime.



Might I suggest the following two options as well:

St Brian (better known as Edmund but his birth name was Brian) Arrowsmith:
Blessed Brian Lacey:


Those were good suggestions…

I especially enjoyed reading about St. Edmund (Brian) Arrowsmith.

However, St. Philomena is dear to my heart. In time and through prayer, I will know, but it’s still Philomena so far.


Sounds like we have a winner - St Philomena seems to do well for those who are under her patronage :yup: :getholy:


I can’t say I doubt that. :wink:


Well, my Patrons are St. Philomena and St. Michael…

The Masculine form of Philomena is Philomenos (or Philoumenos).

I don’t know if there’s a St. Philomenos on the Latin calendar, but there are several on the Byzantine Calendar.

The most recent one is a martyr, Hieromonk-martyr Philoumenos, caretaker of the Orthodox chapel at Jacob’s Well in Sychar on the West Bank, who was killed by members of the JDL. Rabbi Meyer Cohene boasted about it.

Of course, you could always adopt Philomenos in honor of St. Philomena.

And there’s also St. Philemon (close enough) for whom one of the Pauline Epistles is named.


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