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Ok, this isn’t really a dramatic thread but seriously…

There are so many devotions and so many saints that I personally feel that it would be difficult to develop a deep relationship with all of them…

How does one pick and choose and attempt to find what devotions work for them without offending the saints and the issue of favoritism?


The saints are in Heaven, and quite free of the sin of Envy. They cannot be offended by what you call “favouritism”. So what if you didn’t ask Saint X? Saint X will still rejoice that you are asking heaven’s help via the saints. :yup:


That makes sense!

There are just so many and I love them all because they are my brothers and sisters and heroes… I, a student, just can’t devote all of my time to venerating (dulia) all of them. I walk with the praise and worship (latria) of the Holy Trinity upon my lips at all time.

How do you find what devotions truly work for you?


Try them and see what resonates with you. Or what you feel you need the most help with in your life. For example, as a recovered alcoholic, I ask for help from the Venerable Matt Talbot.


For me it changes over time. I know a little bit about a lot of saints (mostly from homilies, brief biographies, and the Office of Readings in the Liturgy of the Hours). I call upon whichever saints resonate with what is happening in my life at the moment.

Of course, I do have a few “favorites” (Mary being at the top of the list), but the others “fade” and “reappear” over time in my prayer life. I have “assigned” certain saints to various family members and loved ones I pray for. As the needs of those loved ones come to mind, so do “their” saints.


Do you think a loving parent would be offended if his or her dear child went to the other parent, or a trusted teacher, a holy priest, or a special friend to discuss a particular problem in their life? Of course not! That mother or father would rejoice, truly rejoice, that there were other loving people in the child’s life to whom they could go for counsel and advice.

If we – who are sinners – feel that way about our children; how much more so must the saints in heaven feel!

Saints, like friends, have come and gone in my life, some (like Patrick, Bridget, and Brendan, as you may guess from my “name,” have stuck around). My little granddaughters have eye and vision problems, and this worry has brought a new friend into my life – St. Lucy!


So far… I have pictures of the Holy Family, Holy Trinity, St. Michael, Divino Nino, Sacred Heart of Jesus, and Immaculate Heart of Mary…

St. Michael is a great Patron, as is Mother Mary… Divino Nino, I’m attracted to for some reason or another…

I wear the cord of Philomena… but my devotion to her is just by wearing her cord and using her holy oil…


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