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Other than the Blessed Mother-I do not have a patron saint. My middle name is maria-so no name as a guide. Mary has interceded for me and I love her very much-but would like to have a few more.
Who is your patron saint? I would love to hear about them as a search for more saints to pray as an intercession.
Thank you
Mommy k

My patron is John the Apostle. However, I have 4 others that I keep very close to my heart, as well as my baptism patron Vincent de Paul: Lord Benedict of Nursia, Lady Germaine, Lord John Bosco and Lady Clare of Assisi. I heartily endorse Lady Germaine for a woman such as yourself. Her love has been a consistent source of consolation to me in trials and she once interceded for me to save me from despair. Make sure to notify me if you pick her - I’ll pray to her for you! :slight_smile:

Well…I’m a college student so I guess I could claim St. Thomas Aquinas…but I consider St. Joseph the husband of Mary to be my patron. I took his name when I came into the Church, and I’d like to think we’ve grown pretty close over be last couple months :slight_smile:

And just as a suggestion, maybe you could in fact use your middle name as a guide to look for other saints named Mary, and not just out Blessed Mother. They have to be out there somewhere! :thumbsup:

St. Ignatius of Loyola & St. Mary Magdalen.

Ignatius because my spirituality has always been Ignatian, even before I knew what that meant! :wink: And because his Spiritual Exercises changed my life!

My devotion to Mary Magdalen came from a poem that I read by a Jesuit named Thomas Flowers. The poem,“Her Name”, is based John 20:11-18 and this last line really hit home for me

“she heard him say her name that day and had the courage to let him change her life again.”

This was exactly what I am looking for, the courage to let God transform my life.
I figured who better to help me on that quest but MM? :wink:

  1. St. Francis of Assisi

I was blessed to be named Francis at birth, although originally it was supposed to be St. Francis Xavier (Might explain my zeal), however I chose St. Francis of Assisi at Confirmation. St. Francis of Assisi is a radical Saint. He was probably as close to CHRIST-Like as You could get. Nothing was an obstacle for Him when it came to Holiness.

  1. St. Joseph

I was so fortunate to recieve Joseph as my middle name. Who better than the Step Daddy of GOD?

  1. Padre Pio

One Holy Priest.

  1. St. Jean Marie Vianney

Since I want to become a Priest, who better than the Patron of Priest to be my helper

  1. Our Lady

Last but certainly not the least but the indeed the greatest of them, Our Lady. Enough said. :smiley:

San Martin de Porres in my youth.

San Martin de Tours lately (That’s him on my avatar).

I am about to read and attempt Ignacio’s Spiritual Exercises! :slight_smile:

God Bless.

A word of advice- please do not attempt to “read” the Spiritual Exercises.
They are not meant to be read , as one would read another spiritual classic, they are meant to be “done”. It is basically a “guidebook” for the retreat director.
Also, please do not attempt to “do” the exercises alone. One really should have a competent director, who is well-versed in Ignatian spirituality, to be a companion & guide. The execrises are very intense, and St. Ignatius pre-supposed that one would have someone to guide them.

Peace be with you on your journey! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the word of advice!

Peace be with you as well! :slight_smile:

St Teresa of Avila, Doctor of Prayer

I have chosen St. George as my patron saint (go figure by my username, right? :p)

His feast day is one of great significance for me. Since my ex-girlfriend and I broke up, the 23rd of April was my first day of facing the world as an adult alone. The sadness and despair I have faced since our departure where caused by my ‘inner dragons’ and St. George has been there to fight them with me and to guide me to our Lord’s will here on earth. I thank St. George for giving me for the strength and courage to fight through the snares of the devil.

St. Anthony of Padua is another saint close to me, for I tend to misplace things frequently (I’m just like my dad. You know what they say: the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree :p) And it was on his feast day in June that I had a talk with my local priest that ultimately lead me back to the graces of the Church

And St. Raphael the Archangel is a saint that is also helping me in this time. Through Novenas I’m asking St. Raphael to intercede for me to eventually lead me to my future wife and because I was in a car collision recently, I feel that he was there to keep myself and the other driver okay (though I wish I could say the same about our automobiles :o)

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