Patron Saints.

I just wondered if any of you have a patron saint for your family?

If so, who did you choose and why?

Is it something you chose to do together?


Pax Christi!

Never heard of this before. Interesting idea. Following this.

God bless.

This blog post has some helpful ideas:

I’d say St. Rita of Cascia is the default patron saint of our family, but I’m the only one who knows it. :wink:

I just came into the church a year ago. I am divorced - husband left 9 years ago when our children were very young. He is a non-believer and was emotionally abusive. He does not approve of the kids becoming Catholic, so I struggle with even getting them to church on my own. Getting them the education to receive Holy Communion and/or be confirmed - forget about it. Anyway, because of these struggles and others, I feel a strong connection to her, and her feast day is my son’s birthday. When things were really bad last year (too long to go into) I also joked that she was very appropriate for our family because she is the Saint of Impossible Causes!

When we’ve needed her, she’s never let us down!

Well, I’m single with a grown, and married, daughter. My own “patron saint” is St. Dymphna because she’s the patron saint of the mentally ill. The only others I can think of were a group of Carmelite nuns put to death during the French Revolution. They are listed as “The Blessed Martyrs of Compiegne.” Why them? Because their “feast day” is my birthday!! I was born on July 17th, the day after the feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

I’d say St. Anne for the ladies of the house. It is the reason I chose Lilian vs. Lily for my daughter. It was something that my mom started with us girls, we all have some version of Anne in our middle names. I’ve always felt very close to both Mary and St. Anne.

Since the death of Pope John Paul II, he has been the Patron of our family. When he died, my uncle had made me a holding cross with a JPII medalian in the centerpiece and his face is almost worn down by my thumb rubbing back and forth when I’m praying and holding it.

Happy days. He is now fully recognised by the Church as Saint. :heaven::heart:

When I was growing up, my family always sort St Gerard Majella intercession and there are Gerards and Majellas scattered throughout the grandchildren. We also had a huge statue of St Anne in my parents room and used to pray the rosary as a family kneeling around Mum and Dads bed. (By huge I mean about 2 ft in height)

I have Fulton J. Sheen as our family’s patron, though he is not formally a saint. No one knows in our family, though, except me. I’ve just never mentioned it.
Started when we moved to our present location, very very few Catholics here. Our children are young, as they grow they will be questioned at times about things about our faith. I asked Fulton Sheen to pray for us and lead us in learning about our faith (us as parents and our children) so all of us will understand and witness what and why about our faith, and in so understanding, grow closer to God. Since Fulton Sheen was so passionate publicly about teaching on the faith, I hope he will lead us to learn more closely.

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