Paul & Justification

Do you think that dating, chronology and authorship are important considerations for understanding what Paul teaches about Justification and “works of the Law” in Galatians and Romans?

Why or why not?

(I’m going to make a wild assumption that you really want to talk about “works” here. If I’m wrong, pardon me, please.)

Well, not necessarily. I think much of the confusion some people experience comes from failing to distinguish between “works of the law” and “works of faith.” The former refers to Jewish law that governed Jewish behavior, etc., at the time. The latter refers to works of charity that are a necessary and integral part of salvific faith.

It also helps to keep in mind that when he’s talking to the Romans (which is often cited erroneously by sola fide folk), he is speaking to Gentiles and assuring them they do not need to conform to works of the OT Jewish law in order to be incorporated into the New Covenant.

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Faith and works in these two:

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Yes. Because Jews thought that the old law(works…) could still save. Paul was saying to the Jews that any works you do without faith in Christ will not save. It is important as far as when he wrote that, however it s till applies today. Man cannot “work” to save himself apart from God’s grace.

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