Paul Manafort agrees to cooperate with Robert Mueller's prosecutors



…the best people.


Umm. I wonder if someone is going to regret tweeting.


I don’t think so. I think this is a prelude to a pardon.


Manafort confessed in order to be pardoned?

Then why not have the trial?

The trump tweet is from August, the date got cut off when I copied it.


If he was expecting to be pardoned this wouldn’t be a cooperation agreement. To get this kind of agreement he has to provide useful and verifiable information against other targets of the investigation.


I’m sure it is an oversight, but I believe “T” is capitalized in Trump.


I thought the situation in North Carolina precluded such minutia.


No, the wheels of justice (or partisan witch-hunting, if you prefer) turn ever on.


Maybe Manafort doesn’t want to rely on the goodwill of the President. But since he has apparently entered a guilty plea, he is, so far as I understand it, eligible for a pardon.


Why would he be ineligible for a pardon? I thought the pardon power had no limits other than custom.


I’ll be pilloried for saying this, but I hope Trump pardons all of the people convicted by Mueller. The odor of prosecutorial overreach is powerful in these cases.
-Mueller convicted Manafort on old charges that Rosenstein declined to prosecute years ago. So why was Mueller right and Rosenstein wrong? Was it just a matter of the endless resources Mueller has to convict your grandma of bank fraud for inadvertently post-dating a check if he wants to?
-Papadopoulos either lied or he didn’t. But he’s not convicted of any crime other than the one generated by Mueller.
-Even Strzok admitted Flynn didn’t lie to the FBI, but Flynn took a plea on it anyway because Mueller threatened to prosecute Flynn’s son.
-And the 25 Russians accused by Mueller, who might not even exist, will never be tried and never punished.

That’s the Mueller record so far. And what about Carter Page? He was important enough to spy on but not important enough to charge with anything. Why? Because he was never the target anyway. He was a cooperator with the FBI before it spied on him. he was already telling them who he thought Russian spies were. The corrupt FBI wanted to surveil Trump without admitting it was Trump they were after. They thought by surveilling Page they could find something on trump (by what they would claim later as inadvertence).

As it turned out, apparently, is that the FBI and DOJ wasted their time on Page and lied to the FISA judge for no useful reason at all.


I imagine they were both right. Mueller had access to newer evidence that Rosenstein didn’t, enough to support a prosecution that the evidence Rosenstein had at the time perhaps didn’t.

Anyways I just read through Manafort’s plea agreement and dang, Mueller didn’t pull any punches.


Newer evidence from 2006?

Seems unlikely to me. More probably he had more resources in terms of time, money and personnel.
And too, Mueller had a rat that Rosenstein probably didn’t have.


Yeah, specifically a lot more information about who in Ukraine was paying Manafort and how much they were paying him.


The upcoming trial dealt with breaking state law. Not pardonable.




I thought that Mueller was supposed to be investigating Russian interferencd in U.S. elections, not these other matters. Seems kind of off the wall.
Or maybe he was just given a fishing license.


Mueller was a political errand boy.

[He carried a uranium sample to Moscow for Hillary.]


I often wonder if people who post these sorts of bizarre claims even believe it themselves.

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