Paul Newman has died!,2933,429176,00.html

Wow, I feel sad, I am a fan of many of his films…they don’t make actors like that anymore.

Prayers for the repose of his soul,

Sad to see him go. Married 50 years, 5 kids, 2 grandkids. Seemed to be class act all around…

I was really sad to hear this.

We knew this was coming, and mourn his passing, truly. But what a life the man led, and what a wonderful person.

Rest in peace, Mr. Newman, sleep well. Your works will live long past your mere years walking the Earth.

A couple of decades ago, some gossip rag announced he and his wife were breaking up. He called a press conference.

“Since it’s printed in the _______, it must be true. I guess we’ll have to get a divorce, but it’s kinda tough. We still like each other a lot.”

I like the man’s style. He once said, “How seriously can you take yourself, when your face is on a bottle of salad dressing?”

The profits from his company were handed over to various charitable organizations. A class act, indeed. May God bless and keep him.

Forgot about the Charity foods he’s involved in. Of course, I have his salad dressing and Spaghetti sauce in the pantry. What a giant…

I wish more people with money would be as charitable, but I’m grateful he was. He did a lot of small scale charites too, donating money to schools, education and theatre. I know from friends that had special-needs children, that his name was on the list of some schools donaters and one woman told her he gave to many things, but wished to remain anonymous. You shouldn’t do things for “show” which I know is a big Jewish teaching. We aren’t supposed to either, but working in a Jewish organization for a few years, “anonymous” was used much more than names.

I think he was a wonderful man, but I don’t think this is a great tragedy… He lived to a ripe old age and was suffering with cancer

I am glad he is at peace…we are all going to die someday

Cool Hand Luke. God Bless him!

A funny story about Paul Newman is being distributed by AP. I heard it on NPR this morning, but here is a written version of it:

Loved that story!! They played a lot of practical jokes on each other. I remember one about sending a crushed car to Mr. Newman(had something to do with Paul’s racing) from R.Redford (have to look for that link) and I remember when I was younger reading how Mr. Redford gave him a paper weight for his birthday with 2 blue eyes in it, because of all the fuss about them.

It’s great to laugh…here’s one more I posted at another site:

Paul thought this was funny and humbling…a letter from a fan of his tomato sauce (from Wash.Post)
"He said that over the toilet bowl in his office bathroom he hung a letter from a fan – of his tomato sauce. The letter ends: “My girlfriend mentioned that you were a movie star and I would be interested to know what you have made. If you act as well as you cook, your movies should be worth watching”

Yup, gotta love the toilet paper gag - the perfect return for Redford’s ‘favours’ :smiley:

Was he a Chrisdtian?:slight_smile:

I am not sure but he certainly acted like one in his real life.:thumbsup:

I just found this: He was born in comfortable Shaker Heights, Ohio, on Jan. 26, 1925, to a Jewish father who was a successful sporting-goods store owner and a Catholic-turned-Christian Scientist mother who encouraged his interest in the theater.,0,448505.story

I hope he finds out a lot of the “luck” he thought he had wasn’t just luck and the inspirtation for all the good he did, came from grace. I also hope like any parent who had a child die, he saw his son Scott when he departed this life. I know that was hard although he tried to have the foundation in his name help others.

I also like that he made sure before he died the 100% donation from his products stayed that way.

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